Fiona Austin - Anxiety and Relationship solutions: Integrative Psychotherapist, Kensington, W10
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Fiona Austin - Anxiety and Relationship solutions

Integrative psychotherapist
Kensington W10
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About Me

When we've a problem or something on our mind, it can zap us of the ability to think of anything else properly.  The first step is to help with clarity in any feeling we have, especially anxiety and depression or just the consideration of your work or personal life.
When we talk ..
  I listen
• I aim to help lighten the load from overwhelm
• Help move you from procrastination to motivation
• Or with affairs of the heart and breakups - make that transition easier.  

There's so much right now!  Keeping it simple is one key - I'm here to hear you, to listen and shine a light on your feelings, your mood and when the time feels right help support you to get things going in the direction you need.  

It's often said "there's something about saying it out loud that brings about a shift" and it's true, I've seen it so often. I consider listening and a hearing your story to be paramount. I also consider your full picture - your circumstances, not just what is troubling you specifically. 

Your Session

In addition to online, I'm seeing clients in person - in bright, private and spacious rooms. I also do walk and talk sessions out in the park.

You can text or eMail between sessions if you need greater support.  It's all part of what I offer for your way to heal, to change, to unearth possibilities.

All therapy or coaching is about change.  But just one change can bring so many others.  It's like a tumble of positive things can start happening.  For example: freed from an anxiety, you are opened up to confidence and a possible way forward, a new job, friends, travel, romance and sleeping well. And that’s just the begining.  

Things people have said
"Fiona's style has been described by clients as 'more than just listening'. 'She is straight talking, informative and balanced but overall has a genuine and kind understanding."

'Everything was dark, before I met with Fiona, nothing felt possible - she really did make me see light'.  'I didn't know what to expect, but it was just like being with a friend, but in a way - easier.  I was fully me'.  

In the lockdown - I've been honoured to have helped many people out of their fear.  In particular one lady said 'I'd been looking at a tree outside my window for six weeks .. I can't believe, that with Fiona's help, just over the phone I went to my door and stepped outside and touched that tree. Life started again'.  

Possiblility is everywhere.  I help you find it.

My specialisations 
All things anxiety - social, fears, relationships, health, careers, procrastination, self esteem, work and sleep.

The challenge of modern living can be an issue in itself - including addiction to social media.

I also specialise with helping people get over bad breakups and relationship challenges.   

I work with adults and teenagers.

•  Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Work Life

•  Confidence and self esteem

•  School / Uni stress.

•  Sleep issues

•  Getting past a break-up

• Quitting Antidepressants:  Free yourself from the daily 'foil'. 

I precede everything with a complementary phone call to answer all your questions. All of our sessions are if you choose to visit in person are undertaken in comfortable private rooms and when the weather's nice walk and talk sessions are offered in near by parks.

For more information visit 

website :  

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130 Barlby Road
W10 6DR


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Postnatal depression
Social communication
Health anxiety
Performance anxiety
Social anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email

Client groups



Between £55 - and £120.  Income related.  
I also do what's called Single Session Counselling.  This helps if you don't want to commit to something more long term.  If you need a perspective or just someone to sound something out.  

Each session is an hour with the initial session being longer so you can be fully heard.    

Fiona's core value is to hear what you've to say and give you time.

Call anyway even if payment is an issue. As an anxiety specialist, I don't like payment problems to get in the way of your solution.

Training and qualifications

In terms of qualifications - experience of over 18 years is the one that says the most.  However there's also qualifications in Positive Psychology, CBT and Counselling, which have been built upon over time to to include Life Coaching, Online Counselling, Image work, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Outdoor Therapy.  

Outdoor Therapy is an optional addition.  It's has an effect of de-stressing, reducing anxiety and depression, simply by talking outside of a clinical environment.   It's also suitable for children as well as adults.     Fiona also trains therapists to take their therapy outside see

When I first saw Fiona anxiety was just part of my life and I didn't care much about anything.  Now it's hard to explain, I just feel so much happier and just don't think about anxiety.   BH
I was worried about going back to work after having a family.  I'm now working and no longer conflicted.  My family life is all the richer and my children and husband more relaxed.  DS
I'm pill free!  Hurrah!   LDF (on getting off anti-depressants)
The favourite part of my time with Fiona was our meetings in the park.  Who knew it could make such a change?  SA
I was at a cross-roads in my life, I undertook coaching with Fiona and I'm now sending this eMail from Thailand, working as a Virtual Assistant.   TW
Myself and my husband no longer take our phones to bed .. therapy was so good for us.  JD
Sometimes you just need to talk - Fiona was there for me.   AG
I used to procrastinate, I now get things done without the anxiety - SJ

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