Evalynne Charmer Dip. Hyp (Paediatrics); Cert CBT; Cert Hol; MHS; TISPH;: Online Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist
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Evalynne Charmer Dip. Hyp (Paediatrics); Cert Cbt; Cert Hol; Mhs; Tisph;

Hypnotherapy hypnotherapist
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About Me

Hi! I'm Evalynne. Thank you for taking a look around my profile. I run 'Ed Elf Child Therapy', offering bespoke Paediatric, Family and Parent/Carer Hypnotherapy with CBT and Solution Focused Counselling. Ed Elf aims to improve the mental health and emotional well being of children, teens, young adults to 25, and parents/carers who need support from a therapist with specialist knowledge of children and families, especially those on the Autism Spectrum, or with ADHD, ODD, PDA and SENd. I work online, which increases engagement and attendance of children to sessions, and removes the anxiety and stress of having to get to a clinic or setting, and be in an unfamiliar place. Online therapy is just as potent and effective and can actually be more effective as it reduces anxiety. It also means that children and adults can choose to have their camera on or off, and is a brilliant way of working with children who are selective mute, extremely shy or anxious, or who have body image issues and any other reason for not wanting to be visible during sessions. Sessions last for 50 minutes and can be split across two sessions for a child who is very young, or for any reason not able to access a full 50 minutes in one sitting.

I was an Assistant Head in a special needs school from Sept 2016 to Oct 2020, and can support you if requested by writing risk reduction plans and reports, and attending multi agency meetings such as EHCP reviews, Ed psych assessments and Team Around the family meetings or Core Groups and Networks.

I always start with a consultation session to assess whether this is the right fit for you/ your child or family. Most people benefit from having 6-12 sessions and for more complex issues, longer term work might be necessary for transformational change to occur. 

I work with issues such as:

·        Stress and anxiety                             

·        Depression

·        Sleep Issues

·        Social Anxiety

·        Enuresis                                             

·        Separation Anxiety

·        OCD behaviours                                

·        Eating control issues; PICA and ARFID

·        Eating Disorders        

·        Anger and meltdowns

·        Violence and aggression

·        Attachment behaviours

·        Phobias and Psychosomatic issues                      

·        Performance anxiety                          

·        Self-harming behaviours

·        Focus and motivation            

·        Trichotillomania

·        School avoidance


I use tried and tested methods of engaging children and families in building ‘head health’ and developing strategies and interventions to be used in school, at home, with the whole family and in the community, by everyone in a child or young person’s network. My techniques encourage verbal and cognitive engagement by using visual, creative and stimulating resources which have been developed with children and young people of all ages and abilities, over a 37 year career span, and I use guidance and information from Neurodiversity Training International to make sure that resources are in line with what the majority of autistic people find valuable. I have an Enhanced DBS check, insurance and I am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society, The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists, and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) .

I have also worked since 2004 with individual adults on issues such as depression and anxiety, performance anxiety, sex and sexuality issues, relationships, divorce, bereavement, motivation, social anxiety, wanting to give up alcohol, and a wide variety of other personal and interpersonal issues. 

I am committed to Equal Opportunities, continued professional development, safeguarding children legislation and guidance, and the General Data Protection Regulations. 

Feel free to call or email for a chat. You can find out more information by checking out my website at www.edelfchildtherapy.com Ed Elf – Paediatric Hypnotherapy with Counselling techniques (edelfchildtherapy.com)


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I provide my services online

Issues often worked with

Attachment disorder
Eating disorders
Family issues
Gender diversity
Learning difficulties
Performance anxiety
Social communication

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email

Client groups



Initial Consultation, assessment and report £105

Adult 25+ (including parents and carers) £90

Individual Sessions:

Child aged 5 – 9 £70

Child aged 10 – 18 £75

Young Adult 19 – 25 £80

Training and qualifications

Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Paediatrics); Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Level 2 Solution Focused Therapy

Certificate in Holistic Therapies

Protective Behaviours

Reiki Mastership

Safeguarding Children Level 3

NVQ3 Training and Support

CPD incudes Neurodiversity, Child Protection, Self Harm, Eating Disorders including ARFID, Mental Health, Information Governance, Autism and ADHD, SEN, Learning Difficulties, Complex Needs, Adverse Child Experiences, Trauma and Attachment, Echolalia and Echopraxia; Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, Triple P (Parenting), Therapeutic Assessment and Risk Assessment

Verified professional membership

The National Hypnotherapy Society Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC: Hypnotherapy)