Emma Smith Person-centred/humanistic psychotherapist , GU1

Are you experiencing a difficult or challenging time in your life? Perhaps you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward? It is a courageous step to reach out for support, and an important one in moving toward positive change.

A Relational and Therapeutic Relationship...

Key to a good outcome in therapy is a solid therapeutic relationship, emotional well-being depends on having satisfying mutual relationships with others and this concept will be central to our sessions.

Exploring and ultimately understanding yourself more fully within the therapy room will enable new ways of being to emerge that will have a direct and positive impact on your relationships and ultimately your life.

It is important to say that I will not give advice or tell you what to do, you are the expert in your life! My role as your therapist is to be an active companion on your journey of self discovery which, at times, can be challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Individual face-to-face Counselling and Psychotherapy...

As individuals we have both Choice and Responsibility - I am aware that this concept can seem challenging - however, through my work I have been privileged to witness how my clients developing self-awareness and understanding of themselves ultimately has a positive outcome for their lives and relationships.

Can I help with your particular issue or concern?...

An important question, the right therapist is fundamental to a good outcome in therapy. You are unique as are the issues or concerns that you want to work on in therapy. But is is also important that you are aware that I have extensive experience working with a wide range of issues such as: Anxiety, Low Mood and Depression, Social Anxiety, Anger Management and OCD, Stress Related and other Mental Health Conditions. I work with Loss in all its forms including grief and bereavement, also, Drug and Alcohol Dependence and other Addictions such as Pornography and Sex Addiction. This list is not exhaustive, and this is why I would encourage you to come along for an initial, no obligation session. 

Relationship/Couples Counselling...

It doesn't matter if you are living together, married, gay or straight. I am here to help. I have experience working with people from all different backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or age.

An intimate/romantic relationship is one of the closest we have. Choosing a partner and staying together through life's inevitable twists and turns is rarely straight forward.When we get married, or commit to a long term partnership and choose to raise a family together, it is no surprise that this adds to the complexity. Whether you have the occasional conflict, full-blown arguments or have simply stopped enjoying each other - very few relationships are conflict-free. When our relationship begins to flounder, often our mental, physical and emotional well being suffers.While for many of us our first instinct is to try and work through problems alone, it can be of great benefit to seek outside support with an experienced therapist who can help you both explore your issues in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. I look forward to hearing from you and to supporting you both in moving toward positive change in your relationship. 

Each person will be treated equally: my aim being to ensure that you are respected as a unique individual without judgement or discrimination and regardless of age, gender, culture, faith/religion, disability, background/culture or sexual orientation.




Training and qualifications

BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling - Greenwich

FdA Humanistic Counselling – Person-Centred Therapy – Gestalt therapy – Existential Philosophy - Greenwich

Level 1, 2 and 3 Counselling Skills and Theory.

Working Together to Protect and Safeguard Children - Module 1
Couples Counselling - Part 1, 2 and 3
Fundamentals of Couples Counselling - Module
Communication and Difference within Couples - Module

Certificate in CBT Skills


Individuals - £50 per 50 minute session

Couples - £70 per 50 minute session

Types of therapy:
Relational Person-centred/humanistic Issues often worked with:
Couple relationshipsAddictionAnger/violenceAnxietyBereavementDepression

In less than a week Therapy offered:
In personOn video Client groups:
IndividualsCouplesAdolescents Member organisations:

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