Elaine Conway Integrative counsellor ,

"Effective, nurturing, authentic therapy."

Welcome! My name is Elaine and I offer effective and nurturing therapy to Individuals and Couples. I'm a qualified Counsellor and have a special interest in working with clients who present with trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship issues.

Individual work:

The most important element of the therapy is you; my role as a therapist is to facilitate you to gain clarity, understanding and relief from the symptoms you present with in therapy.  I will work at your pace, and I tailor my approach to meet your individual needs.  I believe therapy can be a transformative experience, and can really enhance your life, allowing a new and fresh perspective to arise.  Taking the first step can sometimes feel scary or overwhelming.  I aim to create a space for you in the initial session, which feels gentle, warm and non-judgemental. 

Couples work:

I work with couples who begin to feel communication has become difficult or the relationship is no longer serving either one or both of the couples needs.  When we meet a partner, we bring not only our current selves, but also our childhood selves.  Different parts of us can become triggered or activated in relationship, leading to arguments, confusion and hurt feelings. It can become difficult to navigate at which point finding a professional to speak with may feel like a good option.  I work with couples to help them communicate more effectively, to listen to each others needs and to also help couples take care of themselves within the relationship.

My Approach

The foundation of our work together is the relationship between us and how this relationship can lead to personnel growth and relief of symptoms for you. The values I hope to convey to you are that of warmth, empathy and understanding and its important to me that you feel safe, heard and seen.

I believe in using a holistic approach as I understand emotions are experienced not only through how we feel, but also through how our bodies feel. Therefore, in sessions, I try to incorporate body and mind connection. I do this through some mindfulness techniques, and will also encourage clients to explore bodily sensations which can give us more information on how you experience emotion.  Through becoming aware of breath, and learning grounding and other techniques, clients can begin to help regulate themselves when strong emotions begin to arise; this can help clients to be aware of when they become activated or triggered, creating the space for a new perspective or reaction.

Training and qualifications

Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling

Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling

Certificate in Gestalt Therapy

Certificate in Trauma focused Therapy

Certificate in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Certificate in Couples and Relationship Therapy 


Individuals £45

Couples £60 per 75 minute appointment 

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