Dorothy Owens Integrative counsellor , BR4

My own experience of having therapy was to help me understand myself and to make sense of where I had been in life, how I had arrived at this point and how I was going to move forward with a better appreciation for the person I was becoming. Since entering the profession as a counsellor I have retained this ethos and work collaboratively with my clients to help them make sense of what is happening to them and why they have arrived at this point in their lives.

who needs counselling?

Trauma, loss, abandonment, fear, abuse, anxiety, exhaustion from living and feelings of depression are just a few of the reasons why someone might need to speak to a counsellor at any time in their lives. Young people, older people, singles, couples, women, men, just about everybody has something they may need to share with someone in a confidential setting who is unbiased, non judgemental and totally accepting of what they have to say without giving a moral judgement or advice. I believe that it is the relational space created between myself and my clients that helps them to listen deeply to their own inner world and become their own guide and in time make improvements that can be transformative.

My approach as a counsellor

I am an integrative counsellor which means I am able to base our work from more than one 'school of thought' but fundamental to my way of working is that I see each person as a whole; made up of mind, body and spirit we can at times find ourselves overwhelmed and drowning in our own pain wherever and however that takes shape. People often forget these three elements are connected to each other and I find that by bringing our attention to all three and listening to the whole person we often discover what that individual is needing in an attempt to help them to move into a different space. I encourage my clients to be creative with their therapy, using their life experiences to recount their story, their dreams, music, art, books and film, whatever it is that helps the individual to make sense of something that, at times, can be very difficult to explain even to their own self. It may be that you just need me to sit with you and bear witness to what has happened and how it is for you and by doing that something powerful can emerge between us and for you. The relationship between myself and the client is the important tool as it will reflect an image of how it is for them in other areas of their lives and we can use it to our advantage.

Areas of interest

Young people; I particularly enjoy working with young people and teasing out their abilities, their real dreams and their understanding of what lies within them. I have been a volunteer counsellor for the last two and a half years at The BRIT school for performing arts where it has been highlighted to me the pressure of trying to 'succeed' in the competitive modern world and the toll it can take on a young person.

Adults; Each adult has their unique 'story' and I am always struck by the amount of people who, for various reasons, have missed their opportunity to find their own true meaning and purpose in life. Even when faced with dark challenges I find that once a person gets a glimpse of their meaning and purpose a fundamental change takes place.  




Training and qualifications

Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Certificate in Understanding Family Therapy

I work in accordance to the ethical framework of BACP and am a registered member


£40 per one hour session

Concessions for people on low incomes

£30 student counsellors

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