Dennis Rice , E3

Statistics have shown that it is not the type of therapy which brings success, but the relationship between the client and therapist. My job is to enable you to feel heard, help you to develop your awareness about your difficulties then, when you are ready, assist you to make positive changes which will lead to you feeling better. I find that no two clients are the same, so it is about coming up with a plan which suits you best, and ensuring that your goals are met. I am not here to judge you, and often one of our earliest pieces of work is for the client to realise it is time to stop passing judgement on themselves.
I have considerable experience in helping clients suffering with anxiety and depression, having worked as a pro bon counsellor at the mental health charity MIND for two years. Gestalt Psychotherapy - sometimes described as "Here and Now" therapy - is also perfectly tailored to helping with anxiety, since the more present we are the better we function.
I am seeking to establish between as is a collaboration between us in which my role also includes going to difficult places with you, supporting you at all times, but not dis-enabling you. In my experience friends and family often resist depression and anxiety, so you end up carrying it alone. Good therapy is helping you to carry less. Let me show you how.

Training and qualifications

Diploma in Counselling

Certificate in Humanistic Counselling.


£85 for sessions in Clerkenwell

£65 for sessions in East London

£40 for Students/Clients on Universal Credit

£35 for Skype sessions

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