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Don't Struggle in Silence: Bereavement Grief & Trauma Online or Face-to-Face Counselling

I don’t know about you…. But one of the things I’ve started to notice about life is that as-time-goes-on I’m being invited to more funerals than I am weddings!!

My reason for saying this is because in the past I have noticed close members of my family passing-away one behind each other (such as) the death of my Grandad and then a few months later my Granma passed-away (which was then slowly followed by other close members of my family and friends).  At the time I started to notice I was going to more funerals than weddings (and that’s a fact). The pace of me going to funerals was running at such a speed there was no time to grieve.

Reflecting, back I can remember most of my days I felt so low feeling so low, but I could never put my finger as to why?  I used to feel fearful, unhappy, stressed-out I suffered from insomnia diet problems and I started to lose my confidence and sense of focus.  While going through all these horrible feelings (unknown to me it was because I did not give myself time to grieve) I just continued with my everyday life. I continuously struggled in silence and coved-up my feelings to all those close around me (while unknown to me at the time) I was struggling from depression.  Why did struggle in silence for so long without admitting I needed help?

Now that I am many years down the road (after seeking help and support) I decided to study hard to go into the world of counselling and coaching which is what led me to set-upDON’T STRUGGLE IN SILENCE

After struggling with the after effects and the pain of bereavement grief and trauma the after effects seemed never ending (after going through such mental pain) I remember reflecting back and asking myself “Why do most of us struggle in silence for such a long time before we admit we need help?

  • Is it a sense of pride?
  • Not wanting anyone to know (all a big secret)?
  • Do we feel we are weak?
  • Fear of making the first step to seek help and support?
  • Or are we just stuck and in denial?

BEREAVEMENT COUNSELLING: is a specialised type of counselling that involves supporting individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  Bereavement counselling is recommended for anyone of any age whose loss seems overwhelming or whose life is being adversely affected by their grief and trauma.   Turning to bereavement counselling after the loss of a loved one is not an admission of weakness but instead it is an admission of the strength to seek help when you need it.  Talking about the loss often allows you to adjust to your new way of life with all its changes good and bad. Keeping things bottled up or denying the sadness could prolong the pain and may leave you suffering in salience Always remember that any form of loss needs to be acknowledged in-order for you to move forward!!

Grief & Trauma:  is not well understood in our society and some people try to deny it postpone it or avoid it.  Some people get angry some people withdraw into themselves and some people become completely numb and find it difficult to move-on with their lives. Grief can occur not just after the death of a loved one but also after divorce, separation, miscarriage, stroke, disability moving home or redundancy.  Sometimes grief may even trigger mental health conditions such as panic & anxiety attack fear of the future which may also lead to depression and the feeling of isolation which can sometimes lead to Suicide.

Suicide or Suicidal thoughts: Anyone who has suicidal thoughts should ask for help.  Suicidal thoughts are common and many people experience these thoughts especially when going through loss, stress or depression.  Please Stop and think for a minute!!  Always Believe there is so much help and support all you need to do is ask for it? 

“Pease Note “The bad times will soon pass and the good times will come.”

Adults (Loved ones): Losing a loved one and coping with grief can be traumatic. Bereavement counselling and coaching will support you through all stages of bereavement in-order to help you cope with your everyday life.

Family Carers & Friends: Everyone reacts differently when they are bereaved. There is no right or wrong way to deal with your feelings

Children Teenagers & Young People: Children and young people grieve just as much as adults, but they show their grief in a different way.

Pet Bereavement: Grieving for a pet can be like mourning for the loss of a family member, so when a beloved pet dies it is just as painful as losing a family member. 

Training and qualifications

Greenwich University Integrative Counselling Degree

Greenwich College CPCAB Counselling Level: 3

Greenwich College CPCAB Counselling Level: 2

Walthamstow College: Foundation Counselling Cert

City Lit College: BSL Level 1

Canterbury Christ Church University: PTLLS CTLLS &DTLLS Teacher’s Cert

Tower Hamlets: Internal Verifiers Cert (V1)

Bexley College: External Verifiers Cert (V4)

Bexley College: D.32 & D.33


Face-To-Face Counselling: Takes place when a counsellor sees a client on a one-to-one basis in a private and confidential place to explore your grief and loss. When the client is facing distress, they may also be experiencing dissatisfaction with life or they may experience loss of a sense of direction and purpose without their loved ones. Fee: £55 per session.

Email Counselling: Is a form of online counselling that allows the client to communicate via an email exchange. The process involves the client writing their problem/s and concerns by email, and the counsellor will reply in a professional manner in the comfort of your home. Fee: £45 per session.

Skype Counselling: Skype is a free online communication system that enables clients easy access to online face-to-face counselling service. Fee: £45 per session.

Telephone Counselling:  Can be an effective and a convenient way of getting the help and support when you need over the phone counselling & coaching.  Fee: £40 per session.

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Don't Struggle in Silence
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