Dr David Glasman Cognitive behaviour therapy psychologist , BA11

Whether you are anxious, feeling sad about life or have other concerns, choosing to think about how to make important changes takes courage. So, by reading this, you have already shown the strength and care for yourself on which we build. As a warm and empathic psychologist with 18 years' NHS experience, I provide a safe, confidential and, at times, challenging space in which we work together to alleviate immediate suffering and, if you choose, to develop confidently in the long-term. Either way, from day one I work with adults and young people to leave therapy with renewed self-belief and hope, and to equip you with practical psychological tools to maintain good mental health for a lifetime.

To do this I draw on fifteen years experience working as a senior Clinical Psychologist/Therapist in the NHS, as well as three additional years experience of in-the-field training in a variety of NHS settings. I have led psychological services in a busy NHS team, which sees people with the severest difficulties.

What I can help with:

Are you so anxious that you cannot do things you would dearly like to do?

Have you forgotten the last time you felt truly happy?

Do you wonder whether you will ever really fulfil your true potential?

Do you feel stuck in behaviours that frustrate you and make you feel helpless and hopeless?

Perhaps these questions chime with you, perhaps you have others about your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships that you feel therapy might help with. I provide a warm and safe space to think these things through in a way that acknowledges your strengths, your struggles and your individual story. In addition, though, I bring a range and depth of knowledge in a variety of approaches to ensure my interventions are both effective and tailored best to help you. Together we will work at a pace that suits you to devise practical steps to relieve your immediate difficulties. From there, if you want to go deeper - perhaps unravel an early life trauma - we can work together to do that. I have helped many women,  young women and couples. I have, additionally, thought with many men and fathers about their lives and attended training specifically aimed at supporting men and young men in what they face as men today.

If you are ready to take the next step, or if you want to talk things through with me at no expense, please call or email me (see contact details) and I am more than happy to do that.

How I can help you not only feel better now but keep that going:

My role is to help you develop your strengths and understanding so that you can stay emotionally healthy after therapy and not go through again what you are going through now. Everyone has inner strengths and wisdom to lead a fulfilling life. This will inform our time together.

I believe deeply in the power of listening and accepting the other in a non-judgemental way. This allows a person to feel safe in themselves both in and out of therapy and is the foundation stone of my practice. From here I work in respectful collaboration with people to think together about what difficulties they have, how the problems might have developed, how they are being maintained and how they might be alleviated.

As a clinical psychologist I am especially trained in developing a really good picture of what the difficulty is and what strengths you have. From there, the most effective therapy emerges.

I believe in being open about how our minds work so that people develop an understanding of themselves that allows them to maintain good psychological health without the help of a therapist. I will help you develop as the guardian of your own wellbeing.

I also believe that your inner world is shaped strongly by your outer world and my approach is to acknowledge your life context and work with you to make the adjustments you can make and develop healthy acceptance, if appropriate, of what cannot be changed.

As a therapist I have developed by reflecting regularly on my life and appreciate that as well as immediate difficulties one's place in the world and one's life story can be important in growing and developing throughout life. I am interested in supporting this wider exploration, if that also feels important to you.

I am an integrative therapist which means I use my extensive knowledge of a number of evidence-based approaches to find one that best fits you and the difficulties you want to make better. I am extensively trained in Cognitive Behaviourial therapies which are widely used and proven to help with a variety of emotional problems. As this approach does not suit everyone I also draw on other approaches.The approach adopted will be shaped by our joint understanding and what fits best for you.

What to expect if you decide to contact me:

I will talk with you either on the phone or via email to briefly discuss what you want and to ensure I have the skills to help. If I do not, I will make every effort to signpost you to people who do.

If you are happy to proceed, we will arrange to meet at my clinic. At the first meeting we will think together about your problem. By the end of the first meeting I would aim to present my outline ideas about what I think is going on and let you know what needs to happen to effect meaningful change in your life. I would also hope to help you get some immediate relief from your difficult emotions.

From there we will work collaboratively at your pace to think about your hopes for yourself and how to meet them with the help of therapy.

Occasionally therapy is very brief and we will always be thinking when it is OK to "fire" me. Often therapy takes between 8 and 18 sessions.


It is important to feel safe to talk. Our work together is confidential. There are times when confidentiality might need to be breached for example if I heard about a serious crime. Before we work together I would discuss such rules, which every therapist follows. I would always discuss with you if I felt that I needed to tell someone else about our discussions before going ahead.

What to do next:

Email, or better still, telephone me, whether you have a lot of questions or just one or two. We will talk without obligation. I am really happy discuss anything you might want to know about my professional skills and about therapy. Contact details are at the top of this profile. I look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for a supervisor?

I have been a supervisor to other therapists working for the NHS. I have supervised trainees studying on the Clinical Psychology doctorate course at Bath University. In addition as a senior psychologist in an NHS team for ten years I have supervised psychologists and other NHS mental health professionals, who have brought a range of working practices and treatment models. I have training in supervision from Surrey University and Exeter University.

Training and qualifications

Professional Qualifications:

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (University of Surrey, 2002)
  • Family Therapy Foundation, Assoc. of Family Therapy (University of Bristol, 2006 -2007)
  • Solution- Focused practitioner (BRIEF, London, 2006)
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (City University, 1997).

Educational Qualifications:

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (University of Surrey, 2002)
  • Psychology diploma, approved conversion programme for graduates (London Guildhall University, 1996)
  • Additional mental health training:
    As part of my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) I have had considerable additional training -

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

  • CBT for Psychosis course (Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, 2003)
  • CBT for Generalised Anxiety Disorder (Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre, 2003)
  • CBT for trauma (SGlos CAMHS, 2016); CBT for OCD (Paul Salkovskis, Bath University, 2013)
  • Mentalisation Workshop (North Bristol NHS Trust, 2013); CBT for Personality Disorders (Dr Christine Padesky, London, 2001)

Dialectic Behavioural Therapy:

  • Skills Training (North Bristol Trust, 2014)

Narrative Therapy:

  • Specialist Training Placement (U. of Surrey, 2001)
  • Additional Narrative Therapy training (North Bristol NHS Trust – Univ. of Bristol; 2008)
Dyadic Therapy/ Attachment-focused therapy:
  • Dr Daniel Hughes workshops, Centre for Child Mental Health, London, 2013.

Additional training:

Child Sexual Exploitation course (SGlos Safeguarding Children Board, 2015)

National Autistic Association: Autism - 3 day training workshop (2007)

  • Ongoing Level 3 Child protection Training (2006-16).
  • The Samaritans – fully trained (1998) and worked receiving calls in their Central London branch for one year.

I am a trained Samaritan and worked on both face-to-face and telephone contacts in their busy London centre.


Individual therapy: £45 per hour

Concessions available for those on a low income.

FREE initial comprehensive telephone consultation.

Clinical supervision: £45 per hour


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