Dane Duncan: Person-centred/humanistic Clinical psychologist, London, EC2R
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Dr Dane Duncan

Person-centred/humanistic clinical psychologist
Online , London EC2R
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About Me

Narratives of Us
Compassion - Hope - Wisdom - Clarity.
I am a hardworking human being (bookworm, climber and cat-Dad), and Clinical Psychologist from working class roots, who offers down to earth, jargon-free talking therapy via my service Narratives of Us for people who may find themselves potentially sort of stuck, lost, turned around, unrooted… or maybe in need of some space and time to find the right direction. Equally, therapy can be a place to grow and kindle the things already going well in life, after all, you made it this far! In therapy I value compassion, building resiliency, meeting people where they are at and the power of people telling their stories. I believe that the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem. I find myself with specialist skills in couples work, sexuality and gender diversity if this is something that’s of use to you.
Finding a therapist is hard. Unlike psychotherapists/councillors/coaches who are also highly skilled, a Clinical Psychologists unique selling point is that they are skilled at holding space for complexity and breadth whilst also tailoring every session comfortably to your hopes, situation, preferences and goals.
I have over 13 years of experience working in the NHS and I wear many funky hats: I supervise other Clinical Psychologists; provide therapy for other Psychologists including group care spaces; teach at doctorate universities; research oppression; publish on therapy topics and work part of the week with families and medics at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.
It's super normal to have curiosities & hesitations about the types of therapy, therapist or who to go with. My controversial opinion is: No therapy is better than bad therapy. Ping me an email / call if part of you wants to find out more about my therapy values. 
You got this. 
Reaching Out To Me
If part of you is curious about therapy I always suggest listening to this part and if nothing comes of it you may learn something about what you don’t need in any case.
I offer an optional free 15-minute phone chat so you can get a vibe and simply sound out if our fit feels right, so you can get a sense of me. I also send you a free welcome pack with more info, resources and a list of questions you may have for me to help you decide. If I can’t directly help I send a list of recommended good people who might be able to.
If this feels like a good fit, when you are ready we would put a first session in the diary. In a first session I would hear all about your story and situation. We can make some hopes for the sessions together to make a focus. We can then make a plan for ongoing sessions. Many clients either like to plan a small block of sessions and then review, whilst some prefer more ad hoc sessions to suit their lifestyle. 
Meeting again is always an invitation never an assumption. Ongoing Psychology sessions are 50 minutes as standard. These are most often weekly or fortnightly. I send a zoom link beforehand. I recommended my clients take mini notes too and have a little blank journal for their insights and any ‘ah ha’ moments and so on. I often invite clients to try new things out between sessions and report back. At the end of a block of sessions we can look back and think about how things are going, and you can stop sessions at any time.
“Hope, is not a trait inside people. Hope is something we ‘do’ with others.” ~ Kaethe Weingarten
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First Practice
Narratives Of Us
Threadneedle Street


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Couple relationships
Family issues
Finding meaning
Gender diversity
Interpersonal relationships
Relationship diversity
Sexuality and LGBTQ

Therapy offered

On video

Client groups



Individual Sessions


  • Sliding Scale: Starting from £120 to £150 per session, paid on an honesty basis depending on your income.

Couple or Family Sessions


  • Sliding Scale: Starting from £150 to £200 per session, paid on an honesty basis depending on your joint income.



"Dane’s constant curiosity, empathy, ability to listen carefully without judgement and acknowledge and encourage me have had a hugely positive impact in my life. He’s allowed every session to be guided by what I believe is important to discuss on the day - I feel like a participant rather than a patient. With the right support we can face challenges that otherwise seem overwhelming; my time with Dane has proved that. Dane’s helped me move from feeling scared and alone to empowered and able, recognising my own resilience and strength. The things I’ve learned through our conversations are helping me with my own challenges and to be a better support to others. I’m beyond thankful for the role Dane has played helping me reflect, learn and face difficult conversations with myself and others. Dane has my highest recommendation."

“I’ve had experiences with other therapies and therapists, and my time with Dane is the first I’ve found entirely worthwhile and beneficial. I feel listened to and understood, and there’s a clear desire to continue to develop and deepen this understanding. It feels like a particularly safe space for me and that’s down to Dane’s empathy and communication skills. I’d highly recommend him”

"At a time when I was struggling with isolation after my partner decided to move back to Spain after losing his job to Covid, and working through a process of reevaluating my life through a new lens of autism and ADHD, Dane’s approach was a real lifesaver in helping me reflect on my coping strategies, strengths and values. He was easy to reach out to, and online sessions suited me really well. His warmth and kindness helped me feel accepted and safe at a time when I’d had some horrific homophobic ableist online abuse that triggered old trauma. I feel that a good connection with a therapist such as Dane can be helpful not just in the moment, but at later times when we think back to those sessions and how helpful they were."

“Originally I would have preferred a woman as a therapist as I thought that they would understand me, as a woman, better. How wrong was I! After meeting Dane for the first time I found that he was very empathetic, sensitive and professional to my needs. He listened, was non judgmental and I felt at ease within minutes of talking to him about ‘God and the world’. The coping strategies he provided me with are a great tool to use when I feel anxious or unsure about myself. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dane as a therapist."

"I initially reached out because I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life and had this "cloudiness" in my mind that I was unsure of how to process and unsure of how to move forward with my life. Dane immediately pin-pointed and helped navigate me through those issues and was able to help me understand why I was feeling the way I was and hone in on what I thought the issues were. The focus was very much on myself. Why was I feeling the way I was, how to deal with those feelings. The conversations were fluid, deep, introspective, Dane helped me look inward for the first time in my life and I cannot thank him enough for that.”

"Dane skilfully picked out the significant parts and helped build my story in a clearer way, summarising and reflecting back with clarity, the jumble of thoughts I had just landed on him. Dane made links between parts which I had never connected together but which helped to make sense of certain thoughts and beliefs. Every week Dane checked in about the process of the sessions: giving us the opportunity to think about whether the direction of the conversation was helpful or not (and why); and how I wanted him to facilitate our conversation. Dane offered a very safe, non-judgemental therapeutic space. Dane attended to difference in relation to my experiences, rather than influencing me in accordance with his own experience. I felt heard and understood by Dane who empowered me to make sense of my curiosities and armed me with tools to support me going forward. 4 months on I often refer back to our conversations and feel they have had a truly positive impact on my ability to cope."

  • Duncan Mills D; Castro Romero, M; Ashman, J. (2018) ‘The theatre of life: Collective Narrative Practice with Young Trans People’. In: Working systemically with trans, non-binary and gender expansive people. Context. Context, The magazine for family therapy and systemic practice.

  • Duncan Mills D. (2017) The Theatre of Life: Collective Narrative Practice with Trans Young People in the Community. (Doctoral dissertation, University of East London).

  • Castro Romero, M., Lopez, J., Byrne, A. & Duncan Mills D. (2016) Narrative in research: four stories of researching within a Narrative Framework. Fourth European+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Duncan Mills D. & Howes H. (2015) Calm In The Chaos: Mindfulness & Compassion For CAMHS Staff. Clinical Psychology Forum. This article reflects on a Mindfulness and compassion class for staff which ran for one year at the CAMHS in Newham, East London.

Training and qualifications

  • Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a full-time academic course at The University of East London alongside a written research Thesis dissertation.
  • Additional training in: Narrative Exposure Therapy for Trauma, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.
  • Background in family services: Child and Adolescent Mental Heath (CAMHS) and currently work at Great Ormond Street Hospital's Pediatric and Mental Health Service (PAMHS).
  • Experience in couples therapy services using Family Therapy approaches.
  • Additional specialist training with Gendered Intelligence, for working in therapy with gender expansiveness.
  • Attend fortnightly interest group on Narrative Therapy to keep up to date with training.
  • HCPC accredited.
  • 13 years of experience working in the NHS.

Verified professional membership

HCPC (Practitioner psychologist)