Colin Houlihan: Integrative Psychotherapist, London, WC1B
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Colin Houlihan

Integrative psychotherapist
London WC1B
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About Me

Welcome! Lots of profiles, aren't there?

The paradox of choice sets in; how do I choose the right person? IS there a right person? How will I know if they can help? The truth is, there is no way of knowing until you try. There aren't any 'wrong' choices, and you will learn what you are looking for as you explore. But there is something that brought you here, isn't there?

As you may have seen there are many qualified Counsellors, Psychotherapists, and Coaches. I am one too - but here is the interesting part - I combine all three approaches!

My background was in social theory and research, with a focus on suicide; its causes, prevalence in a variety of societies, and what can be done to prevent it. After volunteering with MIND (a charity with a helpline for people in distress) I wanted a more active role in helping people, so I decided to train as a therapist.

Contrary to popular belief, research shows time and again that talking about the problems you are facing does not increase the severity of pain they cause. Quite the opposite. Gaining understanding and insight into who you are, what you are experiencing, and how you can find a way to manage these thoughts, feeling and emotions is extremely powerful and empowering.

That is what I can offer you; a warm, safe and genuine space to explore yourself and make sense of what is going on. Through my training, I have the skills and techniques to aid you in this process, which can be difficult to navigate ourselves. After all, we are simultaneously the authors and actors of our life stories. Through my experience and personal therapy I have a deep empathy for self-discovery and appreciate how difficult (and rewarding!) this journey can be. Finally, as a fellow human being, I do not try and pretend that I am the expert. You are the expert in you. I am simply a second pair of eyes and ears, offering a judgement-free space to explore. To each session I bring my flaws, my humour, and my complete self - I ask only that you do the same. 

If you are interested, here is an overview of the governing bodies I am associated with and the modalities I work within:

Registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Psychotherapy & Coaching approaches integrated:

    Psychodynamic (your past and relationships, the role of the unconscious, defense mechanisms)

    Existential (meaning making, managing anxiety evoked by mortality/isolation/meaninglessness)

    Gestalt (integrating different aspects of the self into a united whole, emphasis on the therapist being 'involved' & using the relationship)

    CBT (inter-connectivity of thoughts, emotions and behaviour - understanding the impact of our 'core beliefs', homework between sessions)

    Person-Centred ('self-actualising' tendency of people in right circumstances, unconditional positive regard, shared 'frame of reference')

    Solution Focused (strengths-based approach, pre-existing solutions & client capabilities are available to utilise)

    Transactional Analysis (Parent/Child/Adult ego states, relational/relationship patterns with ourselves and other people)

    Coaching (varied models: GROW/Skilled-helper - more focus on future goals, achieving behaviour change, overcoming obstacles)

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First Practice
Couch, Coach and Counsel
26 Bloomsbury Street


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Attachment disorder
Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Emotional abuse
Finding meaning
Porn addiction
Social anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email

Client groups



In-person sessions (50 mins - Tuesdays)


Online/Telephone (50 mins - Thursdays)


Low cost (Flexible)

I have a limited number of low cost sessions reserved for those on low income. Please get in touch to discuss.

Training and qualifications

Undergraduate - Sociology

          Specializing in suicide ideation and its social causes 

Postgraduate Diploma - Integrative Counselling and Coaching

        Unique course to the UK - first to combine both approaches

        Combining psychological insight and distress management, with proactive, goal-based behaviour change that lasts

Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy