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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do


I am an accredited integrative counsellor, working with individuals, adolescents, and couples, who considers the client to be addressed as a whole person. This means that each individual is seen as a composite of feelings, thoughts, emotions, and even the intangible aspect called the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.

Trained at London’s prestigious Minster Centre, in the forefront of psychotherapeutic methods, I have built on a foundation of sports massage, bringing people to a state of physical well-being.

I  have developed my own psychotherapeutic approach called Body Talk, which is the fusion of counselling, body work, mindfulness and breathing techniques. It allows for release of tension which has built up in the body over the course of time. It stimulates the body’s natural capacity to heal physical, emotional and psychological issues without the client having to undergo a long, drawn-out procedure of therapy.

Body Talk is a psychotherapeutic approach which the therapist can use to assess and understand an individual’s or a couple’s body language, which may appear as communication dysfunction in such forms as clenched jaw, rolling of eyes, impulse to interrupt others, and so forth.

When you become aware of your own body language, you can express what you really mean. You learn how to say  – ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’  and ‘no’ when you mean ‘no’. and limit escalation of conflict arising from misunderstanding.

 As a client said "Charmaine’s warmth and refreshing manner has the effect of inspiring confidence in her clients, putting them at ease, so that they may comfortably work to gain insight into their personal issues, becoming enabled to emotionally self-regulate and make optimal choices".

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Are you struggling with any of these issues?   

  • Eating disorder  food controlling you?    poor self image?


  • Relationships   had a fight last night?     feeling hurt?


  • Depression        no way out?       don't know who you are?


  • Self Esteem        settling for crap?      not feeling worthy?


  • Anxiety               racing mind?            heart pounding?


  • Anger                  can you control it?   can't stay calm?


  • Dislocation         longing for home?           Can't fit in?

If you answered yes to any of these then I can help you

 to heal you and transform your pain and suffering through therapy which encompasses all of your being.


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Training and qualifications

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counseling and Psychotherapy as well as a certificate in sports and rehabilitation massage and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I am  a weight trainer, and a specialist in dietary matters, having been a professional chef.


The body keeps the score:

I am especially concerned with how we inhabit our bodies and how our bodies carry, hold and express our suffering, shame, neglect, ecstasy, and love.

Do you know that it is not just your mind but also your body that experiences social and political issues, gender and racial identity, chronic pain, self image, religion and spiritual quests?   These impact both your mind and your body, as well as your ability to make healthy, productive choices.

 My aim is to help you turn your life around and start you on a new road to take charge of your future.

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Until we meet warm breezes





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