Bogumila Malinowska: Mindfulness Psychotherapist, London, N4
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Bogumila Malinowska

Mindfulness psychotherapist
Online , London N4
Has availability

About Me

About me: My name is Bogumila.I am individual ,family and couple therapist .I work with adults and young clients I understand that your experiences are unique. My way to help to my clients is to lead them to self trust and to develop an intuitive responses to difficult events or while facing difficult choices and decisions.The first step is to develop trust in order to help you to feel comfortable. At the same time, I understand that your time is precious and you want to have things resolved as soon as possible. I will try to fulfil your expectations and help you achieve your goals, motivation and dreams.

I use therapeutic skills and techniques rooted in modern psychotherapy and traditional Eastern Zen philosophy and mindfulness. Some of the techniques help to improve your grounding skills, motivation, energy level, concentration, quality of sleep and mood, and some are to prevent or deal with depression and anxiety.

You can access sources of greater energy and motivation if you want to and I will help you to find the right techniques for you.

The unique thing about my service is that I am also an authorised Zen mindfulness teacher. This authorisation was achieved through a traditional path of years spent on meditation retreats and meeting Zen teachers who approved my skills to teach koans (intuition developmental techniques).

Processing thoughts, emotions and past events is a way to gain clarity in the moment and make the best decisions. I will help you with this process. My listening skills and intuitive understanding of the roots of problems help my clients to feel that they are understood.

I work with individual clients and couples in private practice and for the private health insurer Bupa, as well as other private insurers.

I have also worked and still work in different settings, including teaching, leading long meditation retreats, working with young and elderly clients, and people suffering from addiction and abuse.

I think we all need happiness, to be understood. We want great intimacy. We want to be fulfilled in our relationships, work and family life. We need good techniques and people with the skills to support us. We need a support network.

We need to invest in ourselves.

During a therapy session, you can really get to the roots of problems. I will help you to process feelings and thoughts. This can be scary, and is sometimes unbearable to do alone.

I will give you the tools to deal with difficult feelings, so that you will be well equipped for what you are facing in life I will help you to build your network of support.

I am available for short therapy support for individuals and couples, children and parents, and for longer-term therapy.

I will help you get in touch with your internal power/intuition so you will know how to use all your inner resources. I can help you to deal with overthinking.

I have a lot of experience as a Zen mindfulness teacher to enhance and tap into your different types of energy. I use modern therapy and mindfulness techniques, as well as emotional freedom techniques.

I integrate the following skills and techniques when working with individuals and couples: mindfulness, gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy, creative therapy, focusing on feelings, and solution-focused writing therapy.

The couples therapy I offer is based on modern couples therapy modalities: developmental, attachment-based, etc.


Going to a therapy session for the first time may bring some level of anxiety, as well as curiosity. It can be a great way to approach self-development and self-investment.

My clients say that they feel comfortable with me and my way of working from the very first session because I create an atmosphere of understanding, openness, and simplicity without judgement.

How can counselling help you?

I help you to see what is holding you back and to overcome hindrances. I think that the way we look after our mind can greatly affect our decisions, relationships, our mental, emotional and physical condition, and changes in our day-to-day life.

I believe that therapy should bring positive changes to our life from the very first session.

I am told that after a therapy session, clients feel freed from self-judgement, negative thoughts and very uplifted and inspired to work towards development.

I have worked with difference and diversity in various ways. I recognise the impact of different forms of oppression on personal development, and on the chances that are available to people.

Further information :

I am an active listener, very intuitive, non-judgemental, empathetic and mindful. I think I am effective with all my clients, but specifically for those who want to improve work and other relationships. I am not only a therapist, I am also an authorised mindfulness and Zen teacher with over 35 years of experience. I lead short and long retreats in different parts of the world, including the US and South Korea.

How many sessions will I need?

I am happy to work short or longer term with people. Short-term work often involves specific issues and goals. This is also true for longer-term work but can make way for a more free-flow exploration of issues as they arise.

During therapy sessions, we focus on the moment and come to recognise the roots of patterns and problems.

Where do I work from?

I am now working across three locations. I offer my therapeutic counselling from: Stroud Green Rd N4 3PX and Crouch Hill Rd N4 4BY at the Brickworks Community Centre. This is for individual, couples and family therapy.

I also provide Skype, Zoom and telephone services from Crouch Hill N4 4BY. All three places are conveniently located in London, with tube, overground and bus connections.

* I am fluent in Polish and understand Russian.

* Reduced fees are available for the unemployed, clients on a low income and students.


Getting in touch...
Get in touch! I help individual clients and couples. I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to discuss how I can help
or click here to send me an email.

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View practice address
First Practice
London Counselling Centre
Flat Ilex House Crouch Hill, CROUCH HILL
N4 4BY

Issues often worked with

Couple relationships
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Sexual abuse
Social anxiety

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



£40 (concession fee) -£50  per 50 minutes session 

£60 for 1h10 minutes therapy for couple or parents 

Training and qualifications

BACP accreditation 2020

NCS accreditation2020

 Couple therapy course 2020

  • BACP accredited Counselling Degree, Middlesex University 2014 - 2016
  • Introduction to Counselling Skills, London City Lit College 2012 - 2013
  • Degree in teaching zen-mindfulness 2009/koans -intuition development
  • Further Teaching Diploma Degree, Poland 2000 - 2003
  • Master Degree in Teaching and Pedagogical Studies, Poland 1979 - 1988


  • Couple therapy
  • Couple institute October 2020/confrontation - Online course
  • Couple therapy Course London October/November 2020 Deborah Winterbourner
  • Pornography/sexual and gambling addiction September 2020
  • Working online with clients
  • Working with LGBT &Q clients
  • Let the voices be heard!
  • An international conversation on counselling, psychotherapy and social justice BACP webcast training  December 2019
  • Sex addiction -BACP private practice conference in Brixton,November 2019
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)Muscle Dysmorphia particularly in males. Mind or body –    what’s in charge. BACP conference-November 2019
  • Love and its shadows - Working with relationships online resources/training - 2019
  • The new man love-about expressing in healthy way emotion and the male needs of love -2019
  • Impact of anxious attachment - May 2019
  • Modern dating and love relationship - BACP south London private practice training - 2019
  • Gestalt training at Gestalt Centre in London - October 2018
  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - 2018
  • Addiction, Bereavement, Relationship BACP - CPD - 2018
  • Mosac - Family of Children sexually abused organisation. Working style with families of young people and children sexually abused - 2017
  • BACP conference understanding identity and diversity in the therapy room - 2017
  • Understanding Dementia, therapeutic way of communicating with people with dementia, helping family - 2017
  • The new male sexuality-training and reading about dealing with relationship and intimacy issues
  • Fight. Flight, Freeze - An experiential exercise to see what happens to us in alarming or critical incidents-BACP online training
  • Workshops and mindfulness retreats in South Korea, US, Poland, Russia - 2016-2019
  • Working with identity issues - 2016-2019
  • Mosac - working with non-abusive parents and people who are related to sexually abused children  and young people - 2017
  • Workshop about working with LGBTQ people at Westminster Drug Project - 2015
  • The City and East London Bereavement Service - training - 2015
  • Introductory Workshop -Counselling Place2Be, London - 2014
  • Child Protection Certificate Course, London - 2013
  • Challenging behaviour therapy for young people, London - 2012
  • Certificate in Personal Coaching, London Coaching Academy - 2009

Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy The National Counselling Society