Anna Coen: Body psychotherapy , Royston, SG8
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Anna Coen

Body psychotherapy
Online , Royston SG8
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About Me

I work with people who would like support in

·                Relieving emotional and mental distress

·               Changing problematic behaviours, feelings and thoughts

·               Working through past trauma

·               Feeling more balanced, confident and able to make choices


I am enthusiastic about helping others to feel better about themselves, their choices and their relationships.


My training and experience of Body Psychotherapy have shown me how with awareness of physiological sensations and feelings, individuals can increase their capacity to make choices and build their confidence.


Past experience and trauma, whether one off or repeated, can impact negatively on health. It may cause, for example, feelings of anxiety, panic and/or depression. You may also experience physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems and sleeping difficulties. It can result in over activity or lethargy.


Feeling trapped by these responses often produces a sense of being out of control and overwhelmed. It may be difficult to make decisions or stand up for yourself.


Dealing with inner conflict is a crucial part of healing. My intention is to be alongside you whilst you acknowledge and validate your conflicting thoughts and sensations. Inner conflicts seem to soften as they are allowed to exist.


Feeling embodied is at the heart of the approach. Becoming attuned to how your emotions are expressed and what you sense in your body facilitates change.

As you become more aware of sensations and emotions you begin to understand your personal history in a new way.


As you share your history and your experiences, I will invite you to notice physical sensations, breathing patterns and associated emotions. Events in our lives affect the way we hold ourselves impacting our muscles, connective tissue and structure as a whole. Different movement exercises can give you a sense of your boundaries and muscular patterning. Other exercises might help you release energy and deepen into your emotions. Releasing some of this holding at both an emotional and physical level, can help relieve states of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.


You may begin to feel and behave differently. You may find you move with more balance and fluidity. You may begin to notice your body and mind working together. Being more embodied gives you a platform for dealing with unwanted symptoms and for developing more capacity to make confident choices.


My Commitment


I consider it essential to build a trusting relationship with my clients based on mutual respect. I am committed to being present, honest and direct with you at all times.


As a psychotherapist my role is to support you and be with you as you explore deeply.



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Anna Coen Ltd
2 Church Lane Shepreth


I also provide my services online.

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Therapy offered

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£60 for a 60 minute session on a weekly basis

Training and qualifications

Therapeutic Qualifications

Completed the four year Body Psychotherapy Training with the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre

Certificate in Biodynamic Massage, Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre

Certificate in Somatic Coaching with the Strozzi Institute

Certificate in Higher Education in Counselling, Cambridge University

Therapeutic Bodies

Member in Training of UK Council for Psychotherapy,

Member of Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists

Member of Association of Integrative Coach Therapists

Verified professional membership

TRAINEE: UK Council for Psychotherapy