Andrew Keefe: EMDR Psychotherapist, London, WC1V
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Andrew Keefe

EMDR psychotherapist
London WC1V
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About Me

I work with mind and body to reach and relieve the trauma which can't be talked about but can still have a devastating impact: I am an EMDR Therapist, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Level 4 Personal Trainer (Exercise for Lower Back Pain Specialist) and Pilates Teacher. I believe that people who have been abused, (sexually, physically or emotionally) are entitled to be free of the ongoing impact of trauma: as long as the trauma lasts, you can  still feel under the grip of the abuser. You are constantly reminded of what happened and can feel again the same emotions and physical sensations. Trauma can lie deep in the non-verbal areas of the brain and in the body, with long-term consequences for psychological and physical health. I work with EMDR to access and relieve these experiences and feelings, which cannot be reached by purely verbal therapies.

I offer a programme for people living with Chronic Lower Back Pain, combining EMDR to process and relieve the underlying emotional / traumatic experiences which have caused or made the pain worse and a course of exercise to improve core endurance and flexibility, correct faulty movement patterns and posture and utilise other physical strategies to reduce and prevent Lower Back Pain. I offer an online Pilates class for Chronic Lower Back Pain at 7pm on Mondays, including a Mindfulness / relaxation session to address the psychological causes of chronic pain. Individual Pilates sessions by appointment.

I also believe that the nature of our early relationships and early childhood experiences have a massive impact on how we relate to other people as adults and on our general psychological health. Often we are not aware of the full influence of the past on our present health as its effects are unconscious and hidden from us. I use Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, a more traditional "Talking Therapy" to build a safe, trusting relationship with clients, within which we can explore the past and uncover its unconscious impact. This is a very effective therapy for depression and anxiety.

Fitness and physical exercise has a massively beneficial impact on our psychological health: the Mind and the Body really are one and we need to work with both to achieve health. In my fitness work I offer outdoor fitness sessions and Therapeutic Fitness (a combination of outdoor fitness and therapeutic interventions for Mind and Body), alongside my psychotherapeutic work.

I am also a qualified Boxercise Instructor and use boxing to help people get fit and again release deeply held and troubling emotions.

I have been practicing as a therapist since 1998, first as a counsellor and as a psychotherapist since 2006. For sixteen years, I worked therapeutically with traumatised refugees and survivors of torture, learning about the devastating psychological and physical impact of trauma but also about people's incredible capacity for resilience, for surviving appalling experiences and for recovering and rebuilding their lives. 

I work in independent practice now, working with survivors of abuse, sexual assault and rape, of terrorist attacks, abusive childhoods, traumatic births and many other forms of trauma, using what I have learnt to help a broader range of people to recover from trauma.

I have practised as a therapist at the British Refugee Council, Freedom from Torture, The Lorrimore Counselling Service, Southwark and WPF Therapy.

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First Practice
Health Dynamics
4 Staple Inn
High Holborn


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Sexual abuse
Chronic pain
Complex PTSD
Postnatal depression
Sports injury
Panic attacks
Physical abuse

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



Psychotherapy: Sliding scale, £80 to £100 per session, depending on income.

Fitness Sessions: £45 per hour.

Therapeutic Fitness Sessions: £60 per hour.

Pilates: £12 an hour for online group sessions. £80 per session for private sessions.

Training and qualifications

2016: Qualification in EMDR. The EMDR Academy.

2009. Foundation Level Qualification in Systemic Family Therapy (The Tavistock Clinic)

2008: MA Psychoanalytic Studies. WPF Therapy / Roehampton University.

2008: Qualification in Solution Focused Therapy; University of East Anglia

2006. Qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. WPF Therapy / Roehampton University.

2000. Diploma in Counselling. Central School of Counselling & Therapy (CSCT).

1997. Certificate in Counselling. CSCT.

Fitness Qualifications:

2022: Level Three Mat Pilates Instructor (Future Fit)

2022: Advanced Boxercise Instructor Qualification. Boxercise.

2021: Boxercise Instructor Qualification. Boxercise.

2021: Level 4 Exercise for Lower Back Pain Specialist Qualification. FutureFit.

2020: Exercise Referral for Health Qualification. FutureFit.

2019: Level Three Personal Trainer / Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor Qualification. Future Fit.

2019. Level Two Fitness Instructor Qualification. FUTUREFIT.

I am also qualified in Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Indoor Cycling, Functional Fitness, Core Conditioning.

Verified professional membership

UK Council for Psychotherapy

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