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Deciding to work with a counsellor or psychotherapist is an important decision and one which can have far-reaching benefits.  Taking care of our mental health is important and can impact positively on how we think and feel about ourselves and others.

We all experience times of distress, heartache and deep sadness as part of what it means to be alive.  Often it’s enough to talk to friends and family to find understanding and solace. However sometimes this isn’t enough and we find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward or our feelings come unbearable .  When this happens, talking to someone who is outside of our circle can help to increase our understanding of the issues we’re facing and bring clarity and insight into what can seem confusing, circular and impossible to change.  By working together we can start to uncover what is holding you back and  what the obstacles and barriers might be to you making better choices.  We can look at what might feel very ‘stuck’ and think together about bringing more movement and choice to that situation.   My approach is a psychodynamic approach which puts the relationship between therapist and client at the centre.  I think a lot about what is happening between us in the moment.  I work creatively and use a variety of different approaches to try and get to the heart of what is happening for you and how you may be able to live in a way which is more productive and fulfilling.

One of the most important factors in a successful therapy is the relationship between counsellor and client.  I offer an initial ‘getting to know you’ consultation session where you can have a sense of what would be like to work with me.

Training and qualifications

I trained for four years at Westminster Pastoral Foundation as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, graduating in 2011, and am a member of the UKCP.


I charge £50 per session.

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