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Fiona Gorman Integrative psychotherapist

I have over 20 years of experience of working with people who are facing difficulties. I always wanted to train as a psychotherapist and now I am currently working towards UKCP accreditation to be a...

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Kiran Seth Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Psychodynamic

My experience covers a range of settings including NHS, Voluntary Sector, EAP (Employees Assistance Programme) and Private Practice. I have over 25 years experience of working within Mental Health. I provide Brief d...

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Fliss Redwood Integrative counsellor

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Mindfulness

Sometimes in life we can be surrounded by people yet feel so alone. When speaking with friends and family you may feel they are not really listening, not realizing they are advising, lecturing or even competing with your...

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Amy Barnes Biodynamic massage therapist

Biodynamic massage therapy

Hello! I am a fully qualified Biodynamic Massage Therapist. I listen deeply and respond sensitively to you and your body’s needs through touch. Biodynamic Massage Therapy is non-invasive. I focus and tune into what is...

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Nakita Jangra Integrative counsellor


A Warm Welcome! I am an experienced Counsellor and work with a range of clients from all walks of life. I offer therapy in London SE1 and Hayes UB3. Alongside Counselling I offer workshops on personal development...

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Kim Philbey Integrative psychotherapist

Behavioural therapy , Cognitive analytical therapy , Cognitive behaviour therapy

I specialise in working with Anxiety, Depressionand Personality disorders, in particular Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), otherwise known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder(EUPD). Also&nbsp...

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Tom Bichard Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

I offer a space which is friendly, calm and purposeful. You may have specific goals to work on and are looking for something solution-focussed. Or over a longer-term period, we can focus on your past and present...

Contact me View Distance : 8.1 m

Clare Simmonds Psychodynamic psychotherapist


Sometimes, we can experience life as being very challenging and difficult. We might find ourselves experiencing feelings of ongoing anxiety or depression, or that we are distressed by a persistent sense that that are not...

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Marie Fernandes Integrative counsellor

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

My aim as a therapist is to help you to live the best life you can and I understand that only you can decide what that means. Change can be difficult, challenging and sometimes seems impossible but I believe we al...

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Natalia Clarke Integrative psychotherapist

Existential , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

I am an experienced Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals on a short-term and open-ended basis. - Short-term sessions let you explore your current situatio...

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Tristan Voice Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Existential , Psychoanalytic , Psychodynamic

As a UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, I offer a contained, explorative space to talk through a variety of difficulties ranging from everyday struggles with work and relationships to troubling concerns abou...

Contact me View Distance : 8.5 m

Neil Loffhagen Person-centred/humanistic counsellor

Couples therapy , Person-centred/humanistic , Sex Therapy

As a Gender, Sexual and Relationship Therapist, my aim is to help you explore all aspects of your gender, sexuality, sexual desires and relationships. Being LGBTQ+ friendly, I will work positively with you and support wh...

Contact me View Distance : 9.5 m

Fiona Riley Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Psychodynamic , Person-centred/humanistic

Are you feeling anxious, sad, depressed, struggling with relationships? If so, then I offer you the opportunity to explore your difficulties where you will be heard in confidence and will be free to talk safely wit...

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Sarah Hanison Integrative psychotherapist

EFT , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

Hello, and a very warm welcome. Whatever is troubling you, whatever the stress or anxiety or trauma, let's work together gently and creatively to support your healing and moving forwards. I am an experienced accredit...

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Rose Stephen Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Couples therapy , Person-centred/humanistic

Welcome to my profile page. I am a psychotherapist and I am also in the final stage of becoming a CBT therapist. I am registered with British Association for Psychotherapist (BACP) and British Association of Behavi...

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Gurpreet Singh Integrative counsellor

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Couples therapy , Integrative

I offer an adaptive and integrative style of working to help you get some clarity and cope with your current circumstances and past experiences. I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist registered with BACP and ha...

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Hannah Cruttenden Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Cognitive behaviour therapy , Interpersonal

I am an experienced clinical psychotherapist registered with the UKCP and BACP. I aim to offer a supportive and confidential space where my clients are able to deepen their understanding of themselves and their ci...

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Emma Furr Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Couples therapy , Existential

Hello, my name is Emma Furr MA MBACP. I am an experienced, qualified and registered counsellor and psychotherapist working full time in private practice in the Richmond and Twickenham area. It can sometimes be cha...

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Louise Coyle Hypnotherapy therapist

ACT , Behavioural therapy , Cognitive behaviour therapy

I'm Louise and I work with people who are finding life is a struggle. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, if you lie awake at night with thoughts racing around your brain, if a phobia is preventing you from doin...

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Annabelle Hird Gestalt counsellor

Gestalt , Integrative , Interpersonal

In today's world it is hard to find space to evaluate what it is we struggle with. I believe therapy should offer a client the opportunity to talk about themselves and their world without the fear of judgement, whilst...

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marta Zdzieblowska Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Mindfulness

I offer a creative, non-judgmental and personable approach to counselling and psychotherapy in Central and West London. You may feel overwhelmed, stuck or unsure of your next steps, perhaps something is not allowing you...

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Kenneth Day Psychosynthesis psychotherapist

Integrative , Interpersonal , Jungian

Seeking therapy can be a scary decision. I do believe however that the issues prompting you to come to me have the potential to enable you to move into a new level of self-understanding. I will provide a safe, confidenti...

Contact me View Distance : 11.1 m

Caroline Ruddy Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

Talking Therapy Counselling One to One individual sessions I am a fully qualified, accredited and experienced integrative counsellor offering professional, non judgement and confidential counselling in a safe and...

Contact me View Distance : 11.3 m

Geeta Gajwani Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Integrative , Psychoanalytic , Psychodynamic

Welcome to Counselling and Psychotherapy in Central London, the City of London and Harrow If you are considering embarking on this therapeutic journey you will have a reason for doing so. The therapeutic process ...

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Wayne M.

Wayne M. Mertins-Brown Integrative counsellor

Couples therapy , Integrative , Mindfulness

I am a Psychotherapy Counsellor working at various locations in and around the London area. I offer one-to-one counselling, couples counselling and group therapy (in person, on the telephone or online). I work with an i...

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Jennifer Cox Psychodynamic psychotherapist


Since graduating from Cambridge University in 2000, Jennifer Cox has worked extensively in psychology roles in psychiatric and forensic mental health settings across London. Jennifer completed her counselling and psycho...

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Alex Campbell Integrative counsellor

Integrative , Mindfulness , Person-centred/humanistic

Hello & Welcome. As a BACP Registered Therapist I offer an integrative approach of one-to-one talking therapy. This means I draw from a variety of different theoretical approaches depending on your needs. There are ...

Contact me View Distance : 11.4 m

Jennifer Oh Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Existential , Mindfulness , Play therapy

I like to think counselling offers a way to create a space for yourself. A space for you to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences with a professional. The aim is that this exploration will support you in making clea...

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Karin Sieger Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic , Psychodynamic

I am a psychotherapist and writer and believe that whoever we are and whatever has happened positive change can happen, including making peace with ourselves and difficult situations which cannot be altered.Attendi...

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Jill Pendlebury Person-centred/humanistic counsellor


Do you sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole? Do you feel that relationships and events from your past are holding you back? Is something that happened to you recently preying on your mind and making you anxio...

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marnie Watson Psychodynamic psychotherapist


I offer individual psychotherapy for adults in Surbiton and East Molesey on an open ended basis, meaning that the number of sessions depends on each client’s individual needs and requirements. I understand t...

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Katie Vanstone Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic

I’m Katie - an integrative relational therapist offering short and long-term therapy in all major fields of psychotherapy and counselling including psychodynamic, CBT and person-centred work. The heart of my approach ...

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Simy Jewell Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Cognitive behaviour therapy , Couples therapy

I provide a safe and confidential space to explore feelings, thoughts and behaviour. I am particularly interested in the person's true nature and full potential. By engaging in a non-judgemental environment and a support...

Contact me View Distance : 12.1 m

Susan Morgan Integrative psychotherapist

Existential , Integrative , Psychodynamic

Hello, my name is Susan and I am an experienced integrative psychotherapist with experience in addiction. I work with substance addiction, alcoholism, co-dependency, debt, gambling and porn addiction. I am also f...

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Ken Crosland Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Existential , Integrative

I aim to meet you as one human being to another and my counselling style is gentle. I offer a confidential space, where you can feel safe, understood and trusted, as you start to explore the reasons why you feel the way ...

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Victoria Sharman Family/Systemic therapist


I am a qualified counsellor with over 20 years experience offering counselling services to couples and families in relationship breakdown caused by a variety of factors. I am renowned for my professionalism, effective ve...

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Tricia Woolfrey Integrative hypnotherapist

Mindfulness , Hypnotherapy , EMDR

So, what is keeping you up at night? Whatever it is, I have developed a powerful and unique approach to achieving transformational change. My five pillars approach includes the psychological, emotional, physi...

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agata Pisula Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Jungian , Psychoanalytic , Psychodynamic

Each person looking for therapy has different needs and concerns. You may be looking for help because you have identified a specific issue you would like to change like anxiety, depression or relationship difficulties,...

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Iqbal Mohiuddin Human Givens psychiatrist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Human Givens , Person-centred/humanistic

I am fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK with a licence topractice, and on the GMC Specialist Register for General Psychiatry (GMC number4579557). I am fully indemnified by...

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Patapia Tzotzoli Cognitive behaviour therapy psychologist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Psychodynamic , Mindfulness

I imagine a world where we understand and openly embrace mental health in our lives, because the relationship with our mental health determines the quality of our lives and those of others. For years I have dedicated eve...

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Richard Cross Relational psychotherapist

Integrative , Child Psychotherapy , Hypnotherapy

Change For Good - Centre for Attachment, Trauma & Dissociation I am a UKCP Psychotherapist and Child Psychotherapist who specialises in work around difficulties associated with attachment, trauma and dissociative ...

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Nevena Curcic Integrative therapist

Couples therapy , Existential , Integrative

Is there a problem influencing your life and identity at the moment? Are you experiencing loss, anxiety or depression affecting your life to the point where you feel it is hard for you to cope on your own? My per...

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