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Isabel Monteiro Person-centred/humanistic counsellor

Person-centred/humanistic , Mindfulness , Integrative

Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Working with adults and young people (16+) from various nationalities and cultures in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Counselling fa...

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Paul Bowley Person-centred/humanistic counsellor

Mindfulness , Person-centred/humanistic , EMDR

I have been working as a Counsellor / Psychotherapist for over 10 years. I am currently working as an independent therapist, and also in the City for a large Corporate Financial Establishment. I have extensive expe...

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Francesca Bennett Existential psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Existential , Integrative

I can help you by providing you with useful cbt tools in your day to day life to make changes in how you react, but also to look deeper into what is going on for you now. I can help you with the presenting issues and ove...

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Genevieve Picquart

am a Counsellor/Psychotherapist/ couple therapist/ clinical Supervisor. 29 years experience . some of my specialisations are: Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, anger management, relationships, addictio...

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Debbie Lewis Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Interpersonal , Jungian

It was my own experience of therapy that lead to my decision to change career and retrain as a psychotherapist, after many years editing lifestyle magazines for major brands such as IKEA. Being able to enter a safe space...

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Karin Brauner Integrative counsellor

Integrative , Person-centred/humanistic , Play therapy

I am an Accredited Bilingual Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, I am passionate about seeing my clients work through their issues and feel better about themselves, their lives, their relationships and other areas of their liv...

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Deborah Warman-Freed Integrative psychotherapist

Person-centred/humanistic , Psychodynamic , Integrative

Hello. I am a UKCP and BACP registered, well-qualified, experienced and friendly psychotherapist and counsellor. I work from comfortable therapy rooms in Hove in East Sussex and Victoria in central London. I work w...

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Susan Egan Psychodynamic counsellor

Psychodynamic , Art therapy , Cognitive behaviour therapy

Are feelings of anxiety or low mood bringing you down? Does it seem like other people have got their lives sorted out but you haven't? I have the expertise to help you bring some understanding of what is going on...

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Lorraine Green Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Psychodynamic , Mindfulness

Hello. I offer my clients a safe environment to explore their emotional issues. I help clients explore psychological difficulties or life experiences which are disrupting their emotional well-being. I work towards ...

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Simon Cassar Integrative psychotherapist

Existential , Integrative , Mindfulness

I am a UKCP-registered integrative existential psychotherapist with extensive experience in delivering long and short term psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I have 12 years’ experience of working therapeutically ...

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Polly Irvin Integrative psychotherapist

Person-centred/humanistic , Mindfulness , Integrative

I am an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist working with adults, children and young people and have been working professionally for 10 years in private practice and in a variety of mental health settings, including The Prio...

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Greg Donaldson Psychosynthesis psychotherapist

Gestalt , Psychosynthesis , Relational

Welcome, my name is Greg and I am a fully qualified experienced Psychosynthesis counsellor. I work with individuals providing short & long term psychotherapeutic counselling in London & Brighton. Sometimes we ca...

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Sarah Starling Psychodynamic counsellor


My name is Sarah. I'm a fully qualified Psychotherapeutic counsellor and registered member of the BACP, based in Brighton & Hove (Brighton Counselling Collective). I offer a compassionate, non-judgemental and empathi...

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Linda Keen Cognitive behaviour therapy psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Hypnotherapy , Mindfulness

I have over 14 years' experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor, working in couples counselling, with individuals, parenting issues, teenagers and in family therapy. I have a wealth of experience in dealing with peo...

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Susan Tyler Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Psychoanalytic , Psychodynamic , Mindfulness

I am a UKCP and BACP accredited, well qualified and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor working from The Courtyard Garden in London SW1 (which I co founded) and Brighton, BN2. . I can help you find a way to help y...

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Giovanni Del Vecchio Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Integrative , Interpersonal , Jungian

I encourage you to be alert to the unconscious. It is a rich landcape, where thoughts and feelings may not be politically correct, but which make up the lion's share of who we are. Not only may we seek to ignore and repr...

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Simon Greenwood Psychodynamic psychotherapist


I am an experienced, professionally qualified and registered psychotherapist based in Bloomsbury near the British Museum in Central London and in Lewes in East Sussex. I work full time in private practice. Whatever yo...

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Becky Williams Integrative psychotherapist

Person-centred/humanistic , Cognitive behaviour therapy , Psychodynamic

I originally trained in the Humanistic tradition but now work as a psychotherapist in an integrative way. I'm a fully registered member of the UKCP. I draw on theory from relational transactional analysis, person-cent...

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Zara Eadie Integrative therapist


I am a warm, experienced and centeredcounsellor, offering short termconfidentialcounselling as well as long term therapy in Guildford. & West Sussex. My aim is to work collaboratively with you...

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Susanna Petitpierre Counsellor

I am a qualified counsellor and a registered member of the BACP (MBACP). I am trained in existential therapy and this is my main way of working. I am informed by philosophy as well as psychological theory. I have t...

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Becky Wells Hypnotherapy therapist

Mindfulness , Hypnotherapy

I help people heal themselves. There is no limit to your emotional wellbeing. Free initial consultation. I can work via Skype etc anywhere in the world. Thanks for reading....

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Tina Leniuk-Wright Psychosynthesis psychotherapist

Mindfulness , Integrative , Existential

One of the most difficult parts of the therapeutic process is taking that first step - deciding to talk to someone. The counselling that I offer provides a safe, confidential space for clients to explore difficult ...

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Paul Weeden Integrative therapist

Integrative , Body psychotherapy , Gestalt

Integrative humanistic somatic therapist & coach Do you need to find balance in your personal & professional life ? Do you feel like you're often running on autopilot, or worse still on empty all too often ? T...

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Karen Deasy Integrative counsellor


Sometimes life’s challenges can feel overwhelming and hard to manage and it’s difficult to know what to do and where to turn to. Here is where counselling can help but it can feel like taking a huge and sometim...

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Shelley Cushway Integrative hypnotherapist

Behavioural therapy , Cognitive behaviour therapy , Hypnotherapy

I am an integrated therapist specialising in solution based hypnotherapy focused on supporting you to reach your potential. One of my passions is working with people to help them reach their goals and thei...

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Margarita Chacin ACT psychologist

ACT , Behavioural therapy , Child Psychotherapy

Hello! I am Margarita Chacin I am a psychologist who believes therapy should be a journey of self-discovery and not just a treatment of disorders... I am a Chartered Health Psychologist based in Horley, Surrey offe...

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Emma Rasalingam Art therapy psychotherapist

Drama therapy , Art therapy , Child Psychotherapy

I provide one-to-one Creative Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children and families at my tranquil home set in the rolling countryside. I also deliver group therapy and counselling to schools and run supervision s...

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Sheridan Parsons Integrative therapist

Integrative , Mindfulness , Person-centred/humanistic

Hello and thank you for looking at my profile. I am aBACPaccredited therapist with over 20 years experience. I offer a warm, safe, confidential and tranquil counselling room which helps to create the right en...

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Tim Potter Integrative therapist

Person-centred/humanistic , Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative

I am an experienced and accomplished counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor, lecturer and sessional author. I have been in practice for 17 years as an individual and group therapist in private hospital and private pract...

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Ron Bushyager Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Psychodynamic , Integrative

I am a fully qualified psychodynamic counsellor with significant experience in private practice therapy. I work with individuals experiencing relationship problems, anxiety, depression, unwanted thoughts or behavio...

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Linda Newbold Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Couples therapy , Transpersonal

Are you feeling depressed, stressed and anxious? Do you feel as if you are held back by other issues such as relationship problems, anger management difficulties, phobias, self-confidence issues or abuse - physical, sexu...

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Geoff Boutle Integrative counsellor

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Psychodynamic , Existential

An experienced counsellor based in central Chichester I work with both individual clients and couples who are facing difficult personal issues either on an individual basis or within a relationship. Those persona...

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Jo Bird Person-centred/humanistic psychotherapist

Existential , Integrative , Mindfulness

I think there are times when problems in our lives can be so overwhelming we can no longer see a clear pathway through. Wecan be left holding pain, guilt and shame that can stop us from experiencing life as we woul...

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Angela Mohtashemi Integrative therapist

Integrative , Psychodynamic , Psychosynthesis

I'm a qualified integrative counsellor, psychotherapist and coach, bringing together aspects of recognised approaches in the way that suits you best. In addition to my private practice I work at an NHS GP surgery in West...

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Julie Shannon Existential psychotherapist


I have worked in the field of mental health for over thirty years and am a fully qualified and registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy offering Existential Psychotherapy and training workshops in the West K...

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Elizabeth Fritz Integrative psychotherapist

Integrative , Gestalt , Person-centred/humanistic

Hello, my name is Liz. I'm a psychotherapist working in London Victoria on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Westerham in Kent on Mondays and Thursdays. (At present I do not have availability for new clients until mid-February...

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Rob Brown Psychosynthesis counsellor

Integrative , Psychosynthesis , Transpersonal

I approach each person as a unique individual with a complex and particular history, and work from this starting point with your feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. In helping clients to gain insight around ...

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Hannah Regan Person-centred/humanistic counsellor

Person-centred/humanistic , Integrative , Existential

Hello As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I am committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment where difficult and painful emotions can be expressed and explored. Modern lif...

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Jeannette Bayliss Psychodynamic counsellor

Integrative , Psychodynamic

As a psychodynamic counsellor/psychotherapist I am particularly interested in unconscious processes that shape thoughts, feelings and behaviour. So in the sessions we will explore together: - What is happening in your l...

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Sophie Corke Psychodynamic psychotherapist


I am a registered psychodynamic psychotherapist and have worked for many years with adults from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Many of the people I see find themselves at a crossroads in thei...

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Jo Gee Integrative psychotherapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy , Integrative , Psychodynamic

PSYCHOTHERAPY | COUNSELLING | CBT | DBT | MINDFULNESS I am aBACP and UKCP accredited Surrey based psychotherapist(BSc, MSc, PhD) workingwith adolescents and adults, individually and through groups.&n...

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