Kate White
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Kate White

Health and Fitness, and Life Coaching
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About me

I am passionate about creating a deeply immersive and loving space where you can experience the freedom of being yourself.



Together we meet and explore any stories, ideas or conditioning that might be creating a sense of limitation or suffering. In this loving and safe space, every emotion, sensation and feeling is welcomed as a gateway to authentic being. By releasing any pressure, we make way for transformative release, deep empowerment and true wellbeing. 



I bring years of experience in the healing arts alongside my love of the yogic, tantric, mystic and non-dual traditions.



From health and relationships, to business and creativity, my healing work touches every aspect of life by connecting you with the light of your heart, alongside practical tools for self-care.



From here, we welcome the limitless possibility of life. 



Combining holistic therapy, *Vortexhealing®, coaching and intuitive guidance, the healing sessions are a powerful opportunity to awaken to the love, freedom, peace and beauty of life. 






VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening. It can be used to release any emotional or physical symptoms such as pain, trauma or stress from being stored in the body. It can be used on everything from anxiety and depression to more specific issues in the system. The intention is deep release through the transmission of divine love, allowing the whole energetic system to awaken and feel its natural state of freedom, peace and expansion.


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Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness

Coaching focuses

Stress Management

Coaching offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email


1 hour session £60-£75

Training and qualifications

Certified Vortex Healing Practitioner

Certified Coach with Pause Place

Professional associations