Gloria Bedeau
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Gloria Bedeau

Relationship, and Personal Development Coaching
Online , London
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About me

Transformational Life Coach 

My intuitive style of counselling helps people to connect with their true self. They are able to let go of traits, habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them, and begin to flourish as authentic beings. 


By tailoring my coaching techniques to the person, you can fully explore your personal and professional goals. I will listen to you talk and together we will explore the avenues that come up naturally for you. I am fully present with you and listen to what you say as well as what is not said. I pay attention to natural the cues that arise from you, like your tone of voice and body language. 


You will find that in the reflective therapeutic coaching space you will be able to hear your thought and feeling clearly without the distractions of the world; and often hear what you mind is saying to you for the first time. This new channel of communication will give you a chance to notice behavioural patterns, emotions, relationships or the thinking that emerge.


I have helped people to create powerful changes in their lives by tapping into the unique and authentic parts of themselves that hold the key for living their best life ever.

My coaching encompasses the teachings of eastern medicine, the benefits of mindfulness and mediation. energy work, quantum physics, complementary and talking therapies. Coupled with the amazing development in neuroscience, trauma and loss work. I am able to help people to make lifestyle and mindset changes that help them to heal from past trauma and move on with their lives. 

During our coaching sessions we look at ways of enhancing self-awareness, self-regulation, clear communication, setting boundaries, reparenting and nurturing our inner child, discovering purpose, raising self-esteem, building and maintaining confidence, and developing positive habits.

I help people to restore their balance of wellbeing and discover their innate self-worth and potential, by letting go of the difficult emotions & old patterns that no longer serve them.

My passion for strengthening and the mind-body connection has led me to provide an integrated approach to wellbeing. My evidence-based approach combines the science of Western psychology with Eastern wisdom.

I help people to learn how to manage their mind, be in control of their actions and behaviours, and recognise quickly when they are not in control, so that they embody clear thinking, unshakeable confidence, create wealth in all areas of their life and bring an end self-sabotage.

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United Kingdom

Types of coaching offered

Personal Development

Coaching focuses

Mental Resilience
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance
Career Change

Coaching offered

By phone
On video
By email


I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation. We will discuss what you want to ensure that I am the right person to help you on your journey. 


There are subsequent packages bespoke to the individual and these can be discussed further during the free consultation.

 Per Session.  £75.00



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