Audra McKellar
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Audra McKellar

Relationship, Health and Fitness, and Personal Development Coaching
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About me

When was the last time you felt you were living up to your true potential? Feeling mentally strong? Emotionally strong? In control of your life? Engaged in fulfilling relationships at work and at home? 

The chances are that you can't really remember. Life just sometimes gets in the way and all of a sudden, you are where you are and you're not sure how to get back on the right path. You may not even know what the right path is. 

Imagine if you could have richer, more rewarding relationships, a fulfilling career or the healthy, vital body you've always wanted or perhaps it is an insight into what your life purpose may be that you long for. 

Life coaching is the vehicle that can get you there. It can help you identify what is holding you back in your life, what you need to change and how to get what you want in manageable but productive steps.

I believe that coaching is about so much more than goal setting (although it is important) and I use all the tools at my disposal to help my clients. I am a certified life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I am also a qualified Counsellor so can investigate at a deeper level when clients are struggling to move past obstacles. This dual expertise gives a wider, fuller insight and can make for rapid change.

I also am a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and use all of the behavioural change strategies at my disposal when working with clients.  

I work with a wide variety of clients including those who are stuck and don't know how to move forwards, those who are at a crossroads and don't know which turn to take, those who feel that something new is needed and those who are struggling to maintain or initiate healthy relationships. 

I provide a warm, supportive environment in which you can explore what you want your life to look like and how to get there. Coaching is very hands on and action orientated so be prepared to engage fully and to have some fun along the way!

If you think you may benefit from coaching and would like to discuss how I may help then please do not hesitate to contact me for a free initial consultation. 

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I provide my services online

Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness
Personal Development

Coaching focuses

Mental Resilience
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance
Finding a Partner

Coaching offered

In person
By phone
On video


One-off sessions are £80 and there are packages available such as the Stress Solution and Anxiety Programme, Life Coach Launch and Healthy Weight Launch. 

Professional associations

The National Counselling Society Accredited Counsellors Coaches Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapist (Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists Only)