Amanda Salvara
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Amanda Salvara

Personal Development Coaching
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About me

With an integrative counselling and coaching approach I work with the whole person. Finding the strengths and opportunities for development together as well as working with the underlying emotions, dealing with distress or issues that come up when relating with others. Using various tools from NLP, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy to with the maladaptive thoughts, behaviours and internal strategies which are holding you back.

In the various environments we find ourselves in throughout life, the internal and external influences play a huge role in how we experience ourselves, others and the world. As we adapt to new events and situations in these transitions, we notice what no longer serves us but come sometime find it difficult to change or move from. 

Counselling honours your experience and your courage to lean into those thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Showing compassion towards the parts of you and others that maybe difficult to be with right now – exploring why this could be and what it means to you.  Like a well seasoned gardener tends to the deep-rooted weeds before sowing the seeds to grow, counselling looks at the deep-rooted areas to clear a path with tools that also nurture the space to grow. 

Coaching looks at the plan and direction you're working towards and the growth experience. Acknowledging acceptance, awareness and action as part of the counselling process to move through any challenges, unexpressed emotions or sense of feeling stuck.

As outlined in the BACP ethical framework and Association of Coaching Ethics - for anyone choosing to start counselling, therapy or coaching, it’s about finding what works for you in a respectful partnership, focusing on your goals and objectives in the process. 

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I provide my services online

Types of coaching offered

Personal Development

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Mental Resilience
Stress Management

Coaching offered

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50-mins session is £40
90-mins session is £60

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