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Boarding Concern is the UK's only boarding school survivors support organisation that supports former boarders and others across the full spectrum of issues, including boarding school syndrome and boarding school sexual abuse.
We grew out of the work of our founder James Foucar with other survivor organisations, such as NAPAC and The Survivors Trust. He then got together with Nick Duffell of Boarding School Survivors in 2001. Today, we have grown to an organisation with nearly 500 people subscribing to our newsletter and hundreds following us on Twitter. Former boarders can know that they are not alone.

The varied and complex symptoms of Boarding School Syndrome include:

  • problems with relationships and parenting
  • workaholism
  • substance abuse
  • isolation
  • irritability
  • an inability to relax
  • a sense of failure
  • physical, sleep and sexual problems
  • bullying
  • emotionally-absent behaviour with loved ones
  • unable to process the grief from the loss of a long-protected parent
  • seeing our own children at the same age we were sent away to boarding school

These and other problems stem from the process of surviving living in exile from home in an institution. For some of us, we compound them with an inner sense of shame for having had a 'privileged' education. Such an education is poor training for life and a disastrous preparation for intimate relationships, with partners or children. We can attribute these symptoms to our childhood boarding experiences.

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