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At A Loss Bereavement Charity

At a Loss is a charity committed to ensuring bereaved people get the support they need, whenever they need it.  We provide a unique website for finding local and appropriate bereavement support services and information, 

What we do

We have built up a database of hundreds of different bereavement services from across the UK - be they national, local, general or specialist - to which we are now signposting bereaved people and their families.  Through our website, they can easily find both local care and services specific to their loss and needs.  In 2017 the website received a Premier Digital award and now hosts a ‘live-chat’ counselling facility called ‘Griefchat’. 

Importantly, we continue to work towards our aim of a joined-up bereavement services network across the UK, building a network of like-minded associates. We are also proactively engaging professionals – GPs and other health professionals, funeral directors, coroners, crematoria- with this issue and providing them with posters and individual cards so that they can signpost the bereaved to to get support.

We also run two peer support initiatives for bereaved 18-30-year olds (GrabLife) and bereaved men (Bereavement Support for Men), cohorts which are neglected in the area of bereavement support.  These are growing, with participants telling us the projects provide life-changing experiences.

How can you help? 

Please tell us about any local bereavement support services you know of. We will contact them so that we can add them to the website directory. If you regularly deal with bereaved people, ask us for materials to help them find our website - and the right support for their bereavement journey. 

Email [email protected] to tell us what you know about local bereavement support services

Email: [email protected] to obtain an A5 poster and individual cards. Content About Bereavement and Bereavement Counselling

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