The Rebozo is a cotton shawl traditionally used in Mexico, but since it's crossed the Atlantic, it is the hot new thing in massage.

Are you familiar with the sensation of rocking in a hammock? Rebozo creates the same dreamy, drifting feeling but it is focused on particular areas of your body.

There are two ways your therapist can use it:

  • To release tension from back, hips neck and shoulders
  • To wrap and hold to create a cocooned holding.

What does Rebozo massage treat?

It is a great treatment for any situation where safety is paramount.

  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Overstimulation
  • Shock and trauma
  • Period problems
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal

What happens in a Rebozo session?

Rebozo work is woven into the treatment to release tension from shoulder and hip joints – the shawl is wrapped around your arm or leg and used like a hammock to rock and stretch out your tired limbs. Because the shawl has a broad surface of contact against your skin, it feels tremendously safe and it is much easier to let go into the movement and release tension.

Rebozo can also ease aching lower backs – once again, with the shawl wrapped around your lower back you can be rocked and shimmied while being supported by the fabric of the cloth so the rhythmic motion allows an easy release. This can be while you lie on the massage, couch or on all fours on a futon or standing, according to your personal preference.

What's more, to ease stiff necks – the rebozo is placed under your head as you lie on your back and used to lift and gently rotate your head and stretch your neck.

In order to 'calm and close' - four rebozo shawls are placed beneath you and one by one, wrap you tight. It feels a little bit like being a baby securely wrapped and held.

  • Your head is wrapped in a turban to quieten your mind
  • Your shoulders and chest are contained
  • Your pelvis is wrapped to create safety and stability
  • Your feet are wrapped to ground

Originally used in a postnatal ritual called 'closing the bones', the technique is great for any situation that has been an overwhelming experience. It will help you to feel safe, quieten your mind and allow you to re-gather your energy. You will be allowed to rest in this peaceful state for a while before being quietly unwrapped. The firm hold of the cloth allows you let go and go deep inside, it's important to go slowly afterwards and not rush into the work-a-day world.

Who is Rebozo message suitable for?

Rebozo massage is perfect for all kinds of 'women's issues', nevertheless, anyone with stiffness in the lower back, hips, shoulder and neck can benefit from Rebozo and it is a truly blissful experience for anyone who wants to relax.

Who is Rebozo massage not for?

The wrapping might be too much if you are claustrophobic. The rocking would not be suitable for joints with arthritis, or injuries.

History of Rebozo

A rebozo shawl is an everyday thing in Mexico, used to carry babies, keep warm or shelter from the sun. You'll be familiar with the images of Frieda Kahlo wearing vibrantly woven rebozos. Mexican midwives use them to do the 'manteada', a massage technique where the woman is rocked and shimmied in the hammock of the shawl to help ease aching back and to encourage the baby into a good position. These same techniques are excellent for sore backs and stiff joints.