Some people say Lomi-lomi is the best massage they've ever had.

It will do all the things a regular massage will do, like:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Reduce pain
  • Make you very relaxed

And then take you to a totally different planet. It's like Reiki healing combined with the best holistic massage.

What happens in a treatment?

Your therapist will find out about what issues you have and if any areas of your body will need specific attention. So far, so ordinary. Now this is where Lomi-lomi starts to look different from other kinds of massage: you lie directly on the table with no sheet beneath you and just a small towel to cover your bum (and breasts if you're a woman).

Lomi-lomi has a spiritual-bent and the therapist may ask you to set an intention for the treatment and start with a moment of meditative quiet. The technique uses elbows, hands, forearms and even feet, to stroke the whole body from top to toe and both sides at once (hence no sheet). It also includes passive stretches to the joints and some abdomen massage called Opu Huli. There is more emphasis on your body's needs than a rigid technique to follow. The effect is of a fluid, rhythmic wave-like treatment that flows through the session.

Unusually, you may also have different parts of your body massaged at the same time; shoulder and hip for example. This is so confusing for your mind, it gives up trying to figure it out and you are able to relax. The treatments go on way longer than average, even up to three hours! Lomi-lomi therapist John McClean says “Sometimes it takes up to a minute before they can speak".

Where is it from?

Lomi-lomi (the Hawaiian word for massage) originates in the native Polynesian healing tradition and even in a western therapy room, elements of the spiritual 'Huna' aspect will be intact. In the Hawaiian philosophy, everything seeks harmony and love so the therapist works with complete acceptance and love towards your body. Aunty Margaret, one of the oldest and most widely recognized teachers of Lomi-lomi says that it is: “The Loving Touch – a connection of heart, hands and soul with the Source of All Life!"

Who is it for?

Does hot stone massage bore you? Do you find Shiatsu a drag? If you are a massage fanatic this treatment will rock your world, iron out every last bit of tension from your body and have your energy flowing unblocked.

Who should stay away?

For many of us, lying naked on a massage couch while the whole of our body is exposed can be too much. This may not be a treatment for people who have not had massage before, have acute body issues, shyness or quite possibly anyone English. But be brave, try it and you will be grateful you did. <