It's a tricky time of year. Money can be tight after Christmas, exercise may have taken a back seat whilst you have instead indulged in second helpings. So many things to feel bad about and resolve to fix.

Then there's the build of up the big night on New Years eve, which - whether it was good or a bit of a let down - will leave most starting the year with a deathly hangover which you push aside, swearing it's your last, and aiming to start fresh and embrace the whole new you in 2015.

A whole new you is a whole lot of pressure to put on yourself, especially considering the time frame many of us give ourselves to see the change before we give up; frustrated, embittered and feeling like failures.

Whatever your resolutions are, or even if you aren't making any this year, here are five things to help make 2015 a year of understanding, nurturing and growth.

  1. Be a better listener
  2. Show empathy towards others
  3. Set healthy emotional boundaries
  4. Be mindful
  5. Be curious

Change is a process, and it can be a lengthy one. At welldoing we believe in the grey areas, in the nuanced and timely nature of change, and urge you: if you make one resolution this year, make it that you won't beat yourself up when you hit a bump in the road.

Be kind and patient with yourself. Understand that your feelings are valid and important; don't push them aside. In showing yourself compassion and acceptance, you will be taking a step towards remedying low moods and anxiety which may have been holding you back for a long time, in all aspects of your life. The other changes will come along in time.

Happy 2015 everyone!