• Meg Mathews was famous for her party lifestyle and marriage to Oasis singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher

  • Following a disastrous menopause, she started MegsMenopause, a platform offering advice and support for mid-life women

  • The issue she hears about most is alcohol, which she believes is particularly hard for menopausal women

When Meg Mathews was in her late 40s she started to feel truly awful. She was depressed and anxious, couldn't concentrate, was afraid to drive or leave her London home, even getting out of bed was a struggle. She tried anti-depressants, but none seemed to alleviate her agony. She even started to wonder if it was her drink and drugs lifestyle from the 1990s coming back to get her. 

It was a woman at an AA meeting (she has been in the 12 steps programme for some years now) who diagnosed menopause as the cause of her problems. Mathews then started a journey of discovery into the latest research, all of which she has now crammed into The New Hot: Taking on the Menopause with Attitude and Style.

Gynaecologists, nutritionists, GPs, mental health experts, well-known commentators like Mary Portas, Lorraine Candy and Lynne Franks, combine to make a book that confidently and intelligently covers the bases of this part of women's lives. 

Meanwhile on MegsMenopause she is in daily contact with an army of women who love her forthright honest style. 

You can find therapists and counsellors on welldoing.org who specialise in working with the menopause by using our questionnaire here. Watch Meg's full interview below:

Meg Matthews' is the author of The New Hot


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