Toni Borg is a coach in Lincolnshire and online

What attracted you to become a coach?

I always wanted to be a counsellor but unfortunately did not get the chance to study after school. After a lot of personal history – losing my mum at a young age, domestic abuse, being told I have the BRCA mutation gene and having to have a preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction, all whilst raising my amazing son and working – I decided it was time to have a career I felt passionate about.

Where did you train?

To get started I did courses with Lincoln College then onto Association of Learning for my higher education, as well as CPD courses through Coaching Governing Bodies.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

I offer life coaching, which involves identifying obstacles that are holding clients back in life. I help clients build a happier, more meaningful life for themselves, whether this relates to their career goals or relationship goals. I also offer emotion and anger coaching, grief coaching, wellbeing coaching, trauma coaching, confidence coaching, social anxiety coaching and teen coaching.

How does life coaching help?

Life coaching is about achieving your ambitions. I help clients remove self-doubt and obstacles and find a way forward, not just in their careers, but more generally in their mindset and emotional wellbeing.

A client may come to me knowing what it is they want to change and where they want to be in life. I will work alongside them to help create this long-lasting positive change.

Other clients come to me not knowing what it is they want, so we work together to discover their path and set them on track to their success.

What sort of coaching clients do you usually see?

My clients are from different walks of life with different careers, beliefs and wants. However they all have the same ultimate goal: to live their best life.

Do you ever suggest books or other materials to clients?

I am an avid reader. I am a fan of Ant Middleton for his positive honest attitude in his books; whether people agree with his opinions or not, it is his positive mindset I respect.

I also recommend learning meditation and provide a step-by-step guide. At first it might seem an unusual thing to do, but it is fantastic for starting and ending the day, or if you are feeling stress and anxiety it help you regain composure.

What do you like about being a coach?

I love meeting new people who I would never normally meet in day-to-day life.

Being a coach is an honour. Helping such wonderful people restructure their lives into something they really want to live and be a part of, rather than a life they are just surviving.

What is less pleasant?

The realisation of how many of us suffer at the hands of others at times.

What one piece of advice would you give someone?

No one is thinking about you as much as you think, so don't let other people's opinions or the fear of other people's opinions hold you back.

What do you wish people knew about coaching?

It is not hocus pocus, it is a genuine way to help turn your dreams into reality.

Do you have a favourite client testimonial or particular success story?

Myself. With the exception of being with my son, who was my guiding light and I provided him with everything especially love and stability – otherwise I was only surviving my life until I was 38. I realised owed it to him and to myself to be 100% happy in myself and not just survive relationships, just survive financially or let the world get on top of me. So I let all my past trauma go and expected more for myself, and now my 17-year-old son and I live a very happy life.

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