Self-care involves actively setting out to do something which is good for your individual needs and desires. It can take many forms such as regular, good sleep, eating healthy food, meditating and relaxing, doing something creative, getting into nature, or seeing friends.

Even though self-care actions may seem simple they are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and replenishing yourself, making you more effective and energetic. Plus doing things that make you feel better physically and mentally will help increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Self-care is not selfish. It helps you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, and creating time for yourself each day is vital for overall wellness.

Self-care can keep you healthy as it includes physical activities like exercise, also just taking time out of your day to do something you enjoy can help you to de-stress. Self-care can help you take a break from technology, and recharge and unwind, which is so important especially in the fast-paced world we live in today. It can also help you manage physical or mental health symptoms to live life as fully as possible.

Self-care is important for your family and friends too. If you are not at your best you can’t give your best either. Friends and family will also learn from you, so setting boundaries to take care of yourself shows them that they also need to put themselves first and not overwork or overextend.

However, self-care only works when you listen to your body, and do what you want without resistance. If you don’t enjoy meditation or yoga, don’t do it. There are many ideas and ways we can care for ourselves, the important thing is to do something that feels good to you.  

Self-care September (#SelfcareSeptember) is a free challenge being run throughout the month of September 2016. It involves doing something small every day for yourself (and others), which will hopefully benefit your mind and body as well as the people in your life, as you start to remember your own needs and receive more.

Anyone who is signed up will receive a small daily self-care tip, idea, action or inspiration to their email starting on September 1 2016.

The challenge will include many things you are probably already aware of but will also include some new ideas, to help you on your self-care path and perhaps stimulate new ways you can care for yourself.

To find out more and sign up please see the following link: