What does it treat?

If you have any kind of hormonal or digestive condition, this is the massage for you. Practitioners report success with conditions like

  • Period problems
  • Fertility issues
  • Menopausal issues
  • PCOS
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Prostate issues

What is a session like?

The therapist will send a questionnaire in advance asking questions about your reproductive, digestive and general health. Don't be surprised to find questions about injuries to your coccyx (which can impact on sexual health) and your diet.

The massage doesn't require you to be completely undressed,  you need only uncover your belly to the pubic bone. That said, the work involves massage to the sacrum and hips, so ask your therapist about how much to undress. The massage will include deep work to the belly, uterus, colon and small intestine working to a pleasurable depth.

Why does it work?

Abdominal massage helps the flow of blood around the organs, drains lymph and stimulates nerves which encourages the hormones back into balance. Strokes that stretch and relax also help the digestive and reproductive organs to move back into place. Emotional healing often accompanies recovery from troublesome symptoms and therapists hold the space for this to unfold.

Three sessions should be enough to see a change in symptoms. Your therapist will teach you self-care massage, letting you take care of your well-being with only an occasional top up massage needed.

Who is it for?

Abdominal massage will suit anyone with the symptoms outlined above. It is great for people who have ambivalent feelings about their bellies and/or being a woman.

Who should stay away?

It won't suit people who are squeamish about talking about their periods etc. or who can't bare to have their belly touched. Don't book an abdominal massage

  • during your period
  • if you have an infection
  • if are taking pain killers that could mask abdominal pain
  • If you have a coil or IUD massage to the upper belly is fine
  • If you are pregnant, look for a specially trained therapist

Where does it come from?

Abdominal massage has been used for men and women the world over; there is a strong tradition in Russia, Turkey and Belize. Rosita Arvigo learned the technique in Belize and brought it to the United States in the 70's.  She was responsible for the resurgence of the work as 'Arvigo Technique', or 'Mayan Abdominal Therapy'.