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I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Coach and Hypno-Psychotherapist. I work with individuals in my private practice for one to one hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and coaching and for businesses and organisations I work as a coach and trainer for my company 'Be More You'

I offer mentoring to help and guide people with their creative projects, aspirations and dreams and run a creativity project with other trainers called 'Be More Creative' which is about connecting people to their sense of creativity.

I also run a NLP Training Company with Judith Lowe , developing NLP skills for those who are already NLP trained; Practitioners & Master Practitioners, Trainers, Coaches and Therapists

'Be More You' came about when someone asked me to describe what my therapy and NLP training had done for me. The answer that I came up with is, that I felt “much more me”, happier with the person that I had become and felt much more comfortable inside my own ‘skin’. This answer stuck with me and the idea for Be More You was born.

At the core of all my work is the belief that people deep down are full of the potential to be amazing! I don’t see anyone as being broken or need ‘fixing’. We all have internal strengths and capabilities that exist inside of us, my work is about connecting you to these resources. 

‘Problems’ exist when we forget or lose contact with these strengths. You may be stuck inside a problem or symptom, such as depression, addiction, anxiety or stress and this can prevent you from being who you are when you are at your best. Alternatively you may loose sight of you goals and your dreams and may be unsure how to bring out the best of you into your life.

At the heart of my work, Be More You is about connecting you to you!







Training and qualifications


2012 PG Dip Contemporary Psychotherapy                              Beeleaf School of Contemporary Psychotherapy

2015 Advanced Patterns of Psychotherapy                               Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy

2016 Generative Psychotherapy: Self Relations                        Stephen Gilligan 


2014 PG Dip Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy                        Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy



2011 NLP Practitioner Certificate                                              PPD Learning

2012 NLP Master Practitioner Certificate                                    PPD Learning

2012 NLP Master Practitioner Certificate                                    Society of NLP

2012 NLP Master Practitioner Certificate                                    NLPU

2012 NLP Trainer and Consultancy Certificate                             NLPU

2013 NLP Master Practitioner                                                    Beeleaf

2011 Passion in Action; Social Change and Leadership                PPD Learning

2013 Advanced Patterns in Language                                         Society of NLP 

I also have 1000+ hours of assisting on NLP Programmes with PPD Learning



2012 Generative Trance with Stephen Gilligan                               Field Learning Ltd

2013 Basic Training in Generative Trance                                      Stephen Gilligan

2013 Intermediate Training in Generative Trance                           Stephen Gilligan

2013 Advanced Training in Generative Trance                                Stephen Gilligan

2013 Generative Coaching Workshop                                            NLP School Ltd

2013 Mindfulness and Trance: A Third Generation Approach           Calabor

2014 Advanced Generative Trance                                                Stephen Gilligan

2015 Advanced Generative Trance                                                Stephen Gilligan

2015 General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practie                        GHR

2016 Advanced Generative Trance                                                Stephen Gilligan







Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Coaching.

For my private practice for I charge £60-£80/hour depending on what time of day you book. I do not believe that money should be a barrier to you receiving therapy and I offer concessionary rates for those people who are unemployed or on low income. Please contact me for more information.


Creativity Mentoring.

I will work with you to discuss how this can best work for you on a project by project basis. As a guideline I charge £60-£80 an hour depending on what the project is, how long we may be meeting for and whether we decide to do any work via Skype. We will meet for an initial session to discuss your idea/project or goal and on the basis of this meeting I can confirm what my fee will be.


NLP Training. 

The price of each workshop will vary. Please check out my website for more information.

For one to one NLP Tuition I charge £60/hr.

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